Jilly's pot-stickers . . .


        . . . from the recipe collection of Stephanie Morris


     When Mom went back to college in the early 1980’s she was befriended by a community of amazing and generous Asian students. We shared meals with them often. They taught me chop sticks techniques by putting a bowl of peanuts and chop sticks in front of me. It worked!!

     This recipe yields about 150 pot stickers. You can steam, pan fry or simmer in stock. They freeze, uncooked, very well. You can also pan fry the filling and use it with Dan-Dan noodles.



1 lb grond pork

150 g Chinese leaves or spinach

1/3 cup dark soya sauce

1 T salt

2 T sesame oil

1T sugar

1/4 lb, shrimp

2 T fresh ginger

1/3 cup sherry or rice wine

1/3 cup chopped green onion

1/8 cup chicken stock


Combine all ingredients except the green onion in food processor and blend well. Fold in green onion.

Use 1 tsp filling for each won ton wrapper, plus a small piece of shrimp in each. (You can add whatever you wish.)

Steam, pan fry or simmer in stock and serve with soya sauce to dip . . .