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March 16, 2016 

The house at the corner of First Street and Ottawa Street in Morrisburg is officially named as Piety Cottage, built in 1876 and the childhood home of Dr. Marion Hilliard, one of Canada's first licensed female medical doctor, a truly ICONIC CANADIAN WOMAN we're nominating for the new Canadian Bank notes. Please SHARE this note. And NOMINATE NOMINATE NOMINATE NOMINATE

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March 14, 2016 

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     The Canadian Federal Government (Bank of Canada) is seeking nominations from which they will choose the first woman ever to grace our paper money. And we in South Dundas have the perfect candidate who meets all of the criteria - the first being "must have been deceased for at least 25 years".

     Dr. Marion Hilliard, born in Morrisburg, was one of the FIRST CANADIAN WOMAN licensed to practice medicine in Canada!! By serving in the field of gynaecology, obstetrics, in addition to prenatal and postnatal care of the mother, Dr. Hilliard contributed in many ways to the total health of women.

     In 1947, Marion Hilliard and her colleagues developed a simplified method for detecting early symptoms of cancer, particularly of the cervix. This brought enquiries from all over the world. She lobbied for and raised funds for the Cancer Detection Clinic. The Clinic was opened in April 1948, the first of its kind in Canada.

     Dr. Marion Hilliard served as president of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada in 1955 – 56; she was to become president of the International Medical Women’s Association. The articles that she had written for Chatelaine were published as a book A woman Doctor Looks at Love and Life in 1957.

In 1923 Marion was named Varsity Women’s Athlete of the Year, an unsurprising honour because she played hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball and tennis for her college and University teams. Ice hockey was her favourite and most recognized sport earning her “star left-wing” status in the Varsity newspaper.

     Marion Hilliard was a top player on Blues outstanding Intercollegiate ice hockey team from 1922-27 and was a leading member of 6 championship teams, including the 1924-25 Ontario Ladies Hockey League Champions (effectively the Dominion champions). She was President of the University Hockey Club and the University Tennis Club, was twice Interfaculty Tennis Champion and won two championships in five years of Interfaculty Basketball.

Hilliard was a member of the Women’s Athletic Directorate for four years.

     She was awarded the Moss Scholarship in 1924 as the University’s outstanding graduating student in Arts and Science and after completing her medical studies she joined the staff of Women’s College Hospital in 1928. During her illustrious career, Hilliard was appointed Chief of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 1947 and Chairman of the Medical Staff in 1953.

Marion Hilliard retired at age 55 as chief of obstetrics at Women’s College Hospital. Soon after her 56th Birthday, Marion required hospitalization. She died in her sleep on July 15, 1958, from an obscure cancerous growth.

     Dr. Hilliard is buried in Morrisburg Ontario, her hometown. Her headstone in the south-east portion of the graveyard overlooking the St. Lawrence River just east of Mariatown, simply states, “Beloved Physician.”


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