Canada geese heading for home before dark . . . many years ago the lady that was the head of the household where we grew up would call as we ran out the door after supper, "Be home when the street lights come on!" Makes me think of her when I see the geese as the sun sets in the evening . . . 

Swank Construction celebrating 60 Years . . .

Family patriarchs Ron and Henry Swank with (Ron's) grand-daughter three-year-old Hanna take a moment for the camera at Swank Construction's celebration in Iroquois on Saturday.


Saturday, Oct. 13th - It was 60 years ago, in 1958, that Peter Swank and Arie Geurkink got together and officially went into the building business as G&S Construction. And on Saturday, one of the original partners, 86-year-old Arie, was in attendance at the Swank Construction Ltd. sponsored celebration of those 60 years. The senior Peter Swank passed away in 2016. The South Dundas construction business is listed as Swank Construction Ltd. today, and is currently owned by multiple generations of the Swank family including Ron and Henry, 2nd generation sons of the original owner; and 3rd generation sons Devin and Jesse Swank.

Long time MP Guy Lauzon sharing a few tips and enjoying a few eats with South Dundas council hopeful Del Jones at Swank's celebration . . .
Long time MP Guy Lauzon sharing a few tips and enjoying a few eats with South Dundas council hopeful Del Jones at Swank's celebration . . .

        Over the years the Swank business has taken part in the construction of more than 600 commercial and residential units in the United Counties, and along the way has been recognized with multiple Builder of the Year Awards (respective categories) from both the Canadian Farm Builders Association and Tarion Home Warranty. This year Swank was honored with the distinction of being a finalist for the highly recognized Ernest Assaly Award (Tarion) recognizing their commitment to quality and service in home building and development.

        Swank Construction is currently preparing to develop Dutch Meadows, a 200 unit site immediately west of Morrisburg, a property they’ve purchased from the Van der Zweep family. This development will include single family homes, duplexes, and multi-floor condominiums, all of which have received considerable interest from both the municipality at large and potential buyers. Dutch Meadows is the largest project in the history of the company and completed will have considerable impact on the municipal tax base.

        “Our entire family is interested in our community and we are working to keep others interested and this community growing,” Ron said at the anniversary celebration. Swank Construction has been a key driving force of growth in the township for some time with a sizeable list of residential developments they’ve accomplished over those years. These include 20 units in Bayview Heights along Saver Road; Iroquois’ Carmen Court (30 units), Meadowbrook (48 units), Bridalwood (40 units), West End Terrace (19 units); and immediately east of Iroquois, Doran Creek (20 units - two available). 

        “We’re staying community positive,” Swank added, picking up and holding 3-year-old grand daughter Hanna McMann, the youngest of the Swank clan, “Hopefully we can land commercial/industrial investment in South Dundas to add growth and offer more jobs to provide our young people the opportunity to stay here.” A number of the Swank clan members are  listed as members in various community organizations, including the Golden Gears Car Club and the Lions Club, both supporters of near all community needs.

        Hundreds of locals and visitors answered the open reception on the Swank property along Highway 2 in Iroquois on Saturday. Included were many politicians currently holding and those wishfully thinking they should be holding office by next week. MP Guy Lauzon, MPP Jim McDonell, Mayor Delegarde (niece of Arie Geurkink) and most of her crew, and numerous dignitaries were on hand. There were eats, hot off the barbecue, and drinks. And there was a sizeable crowd of young couples with children in tow. Hopefully future home buyers. 

        We are delighted to add our congratulations, extended to the Swank family. Sixty years and growing is indeed a recognizable, community-wide example of interest, commitment and responsibility, and for that we all are indebted.

A helping hand for Hospice . . .

Saturday, Oct. 13th - The Annual Dundas County Hospice Charity Euchre Tournament was held at the Iroquois Legion on Saturday where 16 teams entered to chase the top money and support a worthy community cause. Organized by River Rate Treasures and Branch 340 of the Canadian Legion, the tournament raised $900 for Dundas County Hospice! The winning team included Carrie VanAllen and Kelly DeDecker with 105 points, scoring a 1st Place trophy and $160 for their efforts. Second place went to Jim Morrell and Quincy Adams, who shared the $100 cash prize. Lenny Amellotte and Jess Amellote wn the 3rd Place finish and $60. The skunk trophy went to Neil and Susan Anderson. 

        "Great support from the community is what makes this one afternoon event successful," Candace Latulippe said on Saturday afternoon, "We always have strong showings and we celebrate that in turn by supporting hospice."

Lily recommends Pumpkin Inferno . . .

Saturday, Oct. 13th - Six-year-old Lily was beside herself with excitement on Saturday morning. This Grade one student could barely stop moving as she told us she had attended Pumpkin Inferno with her Grandma on Friday evening. She's highly recommending the show. When asked about her take on Pumpkin Inferno, Lily said it was good and that she saw "a lot of squares!" (She might have been looking at all the grandparents . . .) Lily is also preparing for Halloween Night, organizing her costume ("I'll be wearing a Zombie Queen!" - we've stopped wondering), and hoping people give her Candy . . . 

Patterson team takes Easter Seal tourney . . .

Goaltenders Cameron Lynch and Adam Lapier. Bantam Reps (yellow) front, Cam Shaver, Monty DeJong, Wyatt Barkley. Reps in back are Alisha Verbruggen, Spencer Billings, Kieran MacQueen-Ladoucier, Jordan Huff, Spencer Barclay.

Griffin Patterson Team (dark jerseys) Cal Bilmer, Griffon Patterson, Desiray Clemen, John-Michael Guitard, Jeremy Cyr, Dean Lapier, Randy Keller, Keira Zandbelt                - team and presentation photos provided; action photos southdundasinbox


Brian Shaver presents Pledge Winner Trophy to Jason Rooney . . .
Brian Shaver presents Pledge Winner Trophy to Jason Rooney . . .

Saturday, Oct. 13th - Griffin Patterson's team took the 17th Annual Easter Seals Ball Hockey Tournament title for the second consecutive year at Williamsburg, defeating South Dundas Minor Hockey's Bantam B Reps in the final game. Seven teams entered the double knockout format tournament to which each player was obligated to raise at least $20 for the cause.

        The top news from the tournament is that Jason Rooney walked away with the Top Money Trophy for the third consecutive year, raising an astounding $505 for Easter Seals. Second place went to Sebby Lafrance at $300, Jaime McIntosh with $200, Karrie Veinotte $154, and Spencer Barclay at $100.

        The Annual Easter Seals Tournament is spearheaded by Brian Shaver (Canadian Tire) and his family, and this year raised a whopping $3800 by having an incredibly fun day outdoors with a large group of incredibly fun people. And over the 17 years the tournament has now turned over some $64,000 to the Easter Seals campaign.

        "We couldn't have accomplished these numbers without the help of a lot of people and a lot of businesses in the community," Shaver said on Saturday afternoon, "From the prizes for those who raised the most money to the monetary support, we get great support in and around South Dundas."

SD Fire & Emergency Services for coffee . . .

Friday, Oct. 12th - South Dundas' Fire & Emergency Services Chief Cameron Morehouse, a number of staff members and Mayor Delegarde shared some morning scuttlebutt on Friday during the McDonald's sponsored COFFEE with a FIREFIGHTER day on Friday. The local Firefighters and Emergency Responce teams were on hand to discuss their services, fire protection and prevention and about any other subject that came to light. Coffee was free, the scuttlebutt informative and the humor contagious . . .

Local food banks raise hunger awareness . . .

Friday, Oct. 12th - “There are some things I learned this year, most notably is that raising awareness has a positive effect,” said Tony Fraser.  Fraser was one of 11 individuals who participated in the 2nd Hunger Awareness Challenge, organized by Community Food Share (CFS) and House of Lazarus (HOL). The statement was part of Fraser’s answer to Day 5’s daily question. He also said: “I believe that last year’s challenge had some impact on the increase in local fresh produce available this year. This week, when I would start a conversation about me being a participant and about the struggles I encountered, there seemed to be fewer dismissive comments about the function and need for services provided by [local food banks].” 

 This year’s champions: Mike Barkley, Maggie Boyer, Breckyn Fowler, Tony Fraser, Matthew Gates, Lois Lannin, Jonny Parks, Tanya Philion, Kim Sheldrick, Barb Tobin, and Mark vanDelst.
This year’s champions: Mike Barkley, Maggie Boyer, Breckyn Fowler, Tony Fraser, Matthew Gates, Lois Lannin, Jonny Parks, Tanya Philion, Kim Sheldrick, Barb Tobin, and Mark vanDelst.

       Mike Barkley, Maggie Boyer, Breckyn Fowler, Matthew Gates, Lois Lannin, Jonny Parks, Tanya Philion, Kim Sheldrick, Barb Tobin, and Mark vanDelst joined Fraser for the five-day challenge last month. Each had their own realizations, some similar to their co-champions and some not. What the majority agreed upon was the negative impact on their health, whether physical, mental, emotional or social.  

        “There’s an emotional and social side of it. It was a very isolating experience. Food in our house is enjoyable. It’s an ex-perience. It’s pleasurable and you get some satisfaction out of it. That week, it was mechanical. It was depressing,” van-Delst said during the October 4 wrap up session. 

        “It’s certainly always eye-opening to be so continually aware of your food supply,” Barb Tobin stated. Kim Sheldrick agreed, adding it’s necessary to plan every meal when your food supply is limited.

        HOL executive director Cathy Ashby said many food bank clients are focused on surviving rather than thriving. 

        “I realize how little I generally spend thinking about food and so I’m free to focus my mind and thoughts on other en-deavours. That gives me an advantage, especially compounded over time,” he added. “You spend more of your energy thinking about food and that’s time and energy you don’t get to spend on bettering yourself.” 

        In addition to recognizing the challenges food bank clients face, the Hunger Awareness Champions had some advice on how to make things better, from spreading awareness to more practical immediate antidotes. Sheldrick suggested creating recipes based on the items clients receive from the food bank. During the October 4th event, Ashby reassured the group that this project was in the process of being completed with the assistance of a dietitian. 

        “Going forward, I will certainly reconsider the type of donations I make to the food bank,” Fowler said.

        While the feedback will help both food banks serve their clients better, it is the awareness-raising component of the challenge that will have the biggest impact. 

        “We, as advocates, continue to make [hunger] a subject that’s not taboo,” he said. “It’s important for us as a community to speak about it.” 

B-2 Midget Lions hang on for tie . . .

With her team-mates down Michaela Mustard reaches and deflects the puck past the goal. See more here . . .

Green Bag program strong in Iroquois . . .

Wednesday, Oct. 10th - Cindy Thompson, who showed up on Wednesday at the Canadian Legion Branch 340, for her bag of fruit and vegetables, is just one of some 60 families who take part in the Green Bag program in Iroquois. And according the program supervisor, Dianne Fawcett, the program hopes to attract as many as 100 families by February 2019, the third anniversary since starting.

        "We are pushing to let everyone know the program is wide open, anyone can take part," Fawcett said on Wednesday, adding, "And there is a great variety in either the small or the large bag." 

        The Green Bag program offers two size selections of healthy, nutritious products, a smaller version at $10 and a larger version at $15. Many seniors prefer the smaller bag while some arrange a friend to share with as appetites change. The vast number of clients in Iroquois seem to be young families with children. As a client picks up their produce they place their order for the following delivery. The program currently operates on a one-time-per-month basis.

        "Our team has this flowing very smoothly and we believe we have room to grow," says Fawcett, who has organized a full team of 15 volunteer helpers to handle the packing and sorting, order taking and money handling.

        "We're interested in attracting any and all clients, no restrictions, no problems," she says, "This program provides healthy food at a very attractive price, and the circle the money takes in the community helps many others take part in many ways." Fawcett can be reached by email at


Turning a scary moment to one of relief . . .

Photo right: Enhanced Care Unit Registered Nurses Joan Davis and Leah Ann Meyers with the first new bi-pap machine. Photo left:  Emergency Room Registered Nurses (l-r) Chelsey Green, Katie Adamson, Katie van der Heyden and Shannon Horsburgh with the second new bi-pap machine. 


Wednesday, Oct. 1oth - Imagine being so short of breath that you had to call an ambulance. That is what happened to a patient who came to the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) Emergency Department. 

        In addition to worsening shortness of breath, Mr. M. was weak and had swelling in his legs. His oxygen levels were very low, and the nurse had difficulty hearing the movement of air in his lungs. Mr. M. was moved to the resuscitation room, but strong medications didn’t result in rapid relief. And he was getting very tired, using all his energy just to breathe. 

That’s when the BiPap (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) machine was used.  The BiPap is a specialized piece of equipment that helps to push air into the lungs. It is a non-invasive ventilator, which doesn’t require having to insert a tube into a patient’s body.

        After two hours, Mr. M’s condition vastly improved and his oxygen levels rose to almost 100%. He was admitted to WDMH’s Enhanced Care Unit for further testing and monitoring. 

        The BiPap machine was used to support Mr. M’s breathing, allowing the medication to take effect. This prevented his condition from worsening, which would have resulted in intubation and transfer to an Intensive Care Unit in Ottawa. 

And now, because of generous donors in our local communities, two new BiPap machines have arrived at WDMH – helping many patients like Mr. M in the Emergency Room and Enhanced Care Unit.

        “The two BiPap machines at WDMH were at the end of their lifespan and needed to be replaced. We are so grateful to our donors for ensuring that the best tools will still be available to care for our patients,” explains Kristen Casselman, Managing Director.  The total cost of the new BiPap machines was $56,590.66. 

Highway 2 west of Ault Island entrance . . .

Ross Video backs Community Food Bank . . .

Tuesday, Oct. 9th - Employees taking part in Ross Video’s 1st Thanksgiving Community Food Share Challenge 2018 selected teams and made a competition of the effort. Overall the company employees donated 1,537 food items, an additional generous $565 through staff fundraising efforts, and an extremely generous $4500 from Ross Video! Community Food share Administrator Ian McKelvie was on hand on Tuesday morning for an official presentation from the organizing group, including Tina Badour, Erica Scott, Sherry Peters, Hannah Barkley, and although absent there in support wereJeff Barclay and Brenda Mannion.

        Fifteen teams took part in the challenge with "The Servers" taking top honors, winning a Taco Lunch from Quesada's compliments Ross Video. Top four spots went as follows:  Test – Servers with 32.9 items of food per team member; Manu-facturing Support with 25.5 items of food per team member; Materials & Planning with 16 items of food per team member; 

Accounting, IT & HR with 12.1 items of food per team member.                                       - Photo Ross Video

Respecting parental input in education . . .

Thursday, Oct. 11th - In August, the Government of Ontario announced a plan to respect parents when it comes to their kids’ education. Premier Doug Ford and Lisa Thompson, Minister of Education, detailed the scope of the unprecedented parental consultation into Ontario’s curriculum.

        “We promised to deliver an education system that put the rights of parents first while getting back to the basics when it comes to teaching fundamental subjects like math,” said Premier Ford.   

        “We want to prepare our children for the jobs of the future, and make sure they can compete on the world stage. We also want to respect parents and hear from them about their priorities in terms of education,” added MPP Jim McDonell.  The Government’s province-wide public consultations are underway and ready for public input.  The proposed format includes:

an online survey, telephone town halls in every region of Ontario, and a submission platform that will allow interested individuals and groups to present detailed proposals to the Ministry Premier Ford and Minister Thompson shared details about the scope of the consultation, which  includes:

•  How to improve student performance in the STEM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math;

•  How our schools are preparing students with needed job skills, whether it be by exposing them to opportunities in the skilled trades or giving them the opportunity to improve their skills in increasingly important fields like coding;

•  What more can be done to ensure students graduate with important life skills like financial literacy;

•  How to build a new age-appropriate Health and Physical Education curriculum that includes subjects like mental health, sex-ed, and legalization of cannabis;  

•  What measures can be taken to improve standardized testing;

•  What steps schools should take to ban cellphone use in the classroom.

        “We expect and look forward to a robust discussion on each of these items. The input will be used to shape our decisions for the 2019-2020 school year,” said Thompson.

        To ensure that the rights of parents are respected throughout and following the reform process, the Government will also begin drafting a Ministry of Education Parents’ Bill of Rights.  Ontarians can participate by visiting  It Is your chance to help shape the future of education in Ontario.   

School Board encouraging participation . . .

Friday, Oct. 5th – The provincial government has launched its period for public consultation on education reform. The Upper Canada District School Board encourages parents, staff, students and community partners to take this opportunity to provide their insight. 

        “All UCDSB staff and trustees want our students to have curriculum that is strong and modern, and that will provide them with the skills they need to succeed in life – and we know through feedback that our students want that too,” says Chair Jeff McMillan, adding “This public consultation period is the chance for everyone who has a vested interest in public education to share their thoughts and opinions. The UCDSB Board of Trustees is planning to participate in these opportunities wherever possible, ensuring that the government hears our voice as locally elected officials who are prepared to work collaboratively with communities to maintain and enhance the value of public education in our part of rural Ontario.” 

The public consultation period is open until Saturday, Dec 15, 2018.

The topics of discussion are as follows: 

        how to improve student performance in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM); 

         how our schools are preparing students with needed job skills; 

         what more can be done to ensure students graduate with important life skills, like financial literacy; and 

         how to build an updated and age-appropriate Health and Physical Education curriculum that includes subjects like   

           sexual health education, mental health and the legalization of cannabis. 

        Those interested in participating in these consultations can do so three ways: via online submission form or by emailing or; through an online survey; or via telephone town halls. The form, survey and dates for the town halls can be found on the government’s website here:

Stef Paquette with Special Guests Jessica Pearson & the East Wind

November 3, 2018 | 7 pm


Stef Paquette has been taking time to hear his inner voice, write new songs and simply live life. The renowned Franco-Ontarian singer-songwriter is also well known as a radio host across Northeastern Ontario with Le Loup FM and an actor in the popular TV series Hard Rock Medical and Les Bleus de Ramville


A natural showman with a wacky sense of humour, Stef Paquette loves being on stage and his audiences love seeing him there. Alone with his guitar and harmonica or along with his band, he has been crisscrossing Canada for years, playing countless festivals, concerts, major events and  school workshops. In 2015, Stef Paquette garnered the Trille Or (French Ontario’s music industry awards) for Best Male Performer as well as nominations for the Best Singer-Songwriter and the Radio-Canada Public’s Choice awards. His charismatic stage presence and his ability to rally fans are widely recognized, as recently indicated by his ProducersChoice award at the 2014 Contact Ontario's industry showcase and his 2013 Trille Or award for Best Album.

Opening this show will be Jessica Pearson & the East Wind.

They graced our stage in one of our Intimate Acoustics lineups and the crowd was asking us to bring them back before they'd even finished their set. Jessica Pearson is a Canadian born storyteller with a voice like melting honey on a summers eve. Accompanied by the melodic bowing of Pat Bigelow on the upright bass and the sweet  fiddling of Maddy O’Regan, they bring to life tales of the past and express the beauty and heartbreak of the world today. After the release of their debut EP ‘Grave and Garden Songs’ in 2017, they have taken the stage at JunoFest, RBC’s Bluesfest and Manitoulin Country Festival and their music perfectly blends folk, roots and East Coast bluegrass. They're going to get this show warmed right up and we're looking forwarding to welcoming them back to the St. Lawrence Stage!

Playhouse calendar 2018 . . .

    The Upper Canada Playhouse calendar of entertainment is open!

     "It's one of our favorite events of the year," chuckled Theatre Manager Donnie Bowes, "The fans are our best indicator that we are doing as our audience wishes and it's very nice to see."

For a full lineup of this year's shows click here . . .




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