Saturday, August 18th - Breakfast includes straight from the garden tomatoes, asparagus and French filet green beans (lightly fried), paper thin prosciutto all on a toasted English muffin, topped with a soft-poached egg, a sprinkle of chopped chives and a side of very ripe nectarine, with a coffee and a decent read . . .

Georgette Fry here Saturday evening . . .

georgette Fry, Juno nominee and veteran of the Canadian music scene, is performing a two-hour concert  at South Dundas' StoneCrop Acres Saturday, August 18th, 6:00 p.m. thru 8:00 p.m. The performance, one of several on the Concerts at the Winery calendar over the 2018 summer season, features the Kingston based singer/musician and her blues group.

        "We fell in love with Georgette Fry's singing and music after listening to her performance at the St. Lawrence Stage concert last season," we're told by Norene Hyatt Gervais while she and husband Marc were preparing the stage for Saturday's show. "I just love 40's and 50's rhythm and blues bands and the singers, and we often play Georgette's music as background here at the winery."

        StoneCrop Acres, immediately north of Morrisburg along Highway 31, has experienced well attended recognition at their Concert Series and their Friday Night Open Mic evenings this year. On June 23rd Isabelle Delage headlined the first concert of the season with 'Plain Folk'; then Claude Plamondon headlined the initial Open Mic Night that brought some local suprises to the stage; on July 21st the winery showcased Juliana and Jesse, a Montreal based blues and cover duo that can steal one's heart pretty quickly; Friday, July 27th saw the potential of the Open Mic Night when a large crowd showed and numerous performers took the stage under beautifully, sunset painted skies and a light breeze. The setting and the evening were spectacular.

Georgette Fry on stage in Kingston . . .
Georgette Fry on stage in Kingston . . .

       In the second to final concert of the season on Saturday evening, Ms Georgette Fry, who has entwined her 35-year career around her stage performances, fundraising and awareness of the needs of women and children in crisis, will kick off the evening's music. "In 2002, Georgette Fry's drive to expand her conviction that one does not need to have an education in music to reap the physical and psychological benefits of singing, saw her design and implement a non-reading, non-auditioning "pop" choir (Shout Sister!), specifically aimed at women whose so-called musical limitations may have robbed them of prior opportunities to sing in a group setting." 

       "Georgette, being a long-time and ardent peacenik and feminist, is also committed to fostering community within the arts,  now being shared through southwestern Ontario; all 24 of her choirs regularly perform to raise money for local initiatives which help women and children in need."

        Fry's achievements have expanded too in receiving the Governor General's Meritorious Service Medal - Civil Division;  and the City of Kingston's First Capital Honourable Achievement Award.

        Georgette Fry is widely known for her renditions of scores made famous by Miss Peaches herself, Etta James, (born Jamesetta Hawkins) who's near 60 year career began in the mid 1950's and ran until her passing in 2012.

        Following the Fry concert the winery is hosting the 3rd Open Mic Night on Friday, August 24th at 6:00 p.m. with an open invitation to all who wish to perform and all who wish to enjoy the sounds, setting, and a glass of product. The final concert of the summer program, Saturday, September 1st, will see the popular Chesterville based Sons of Gord command the StoneCrop stage with a 6:00 p.m. starts.

        There is no admission charge to attending the concerts, although a donation to defray the performers expenses is requested as a strictly voluntary gesture. Bringing alcohol drinks onto the property is not allowed. However, fans are encouraged to bring an outdoor chair for the evening, a sweater just in case, their own eats, picnic dinners, and a good ear. The full selection of vineyard wine products and more is available throughout the show.

       For a sample of Georgette's performance, click here:

A late summer break for Mr. McDonell . . .

MPP Jim McDonell
MPP Jim McDonell

        The Legislature wrapped up its summer session on August 15th and adjourned until September 24th to give Members time to attend to their constituency business they had to put on hold due to their Queen’s Park commitments. It was an exhausting but productive first 40 days for the new government. We took clear steps to wind down the Cap-and-Trade carbon tax and all programs that were financed out of its proceeds. We passed the Better Local Government Act to get Toronto moving. We froze the salaries of top public sector executives to give Ontario taxpayers a break. The entire Board of Directors of Hydro One resigned and was replaced by a brand new Board under experienced leadership. Through the Urgent Priorities Act, the government reasserted the public interest in decision-making processes at Hydro One regarding all aspects of executive compensation, making salaries and compensation policies subject to government approval before they go into effect. When Ontarians struggle to pay their bills and have to choose between eating and heating, secret deals for golden goodbye executive packages were an affront to the people of the Province.

        The government also took steps this week to bring efficiency to the new cannabis retail framework as the federally-set date for legalization approaches on October 17,2018. The Province did not need the expensive and bureaucratic system the previous government put in place when working models exist elsewhere in Canada and even within Ontario for controlling, distributing and selling age-controlled products. Our priorities remain guaranteeing Ontarians’ safety, fighting impaired driving and keeping age-controlled products out of the hands of children. This is why when cannabis becomes legal, the Ontario Cannabis Store will follow the model currently in use for medicinal cannabis. Ontarians will be able to purchase cannabis online through the Ontario Cannabis Store and have it delivered to them, just like medicinal cannabis, with their age and identity verified on delivery, or the product is returned. We will also consult with businesses and community stakeholders on the right way to implement a private retail model by the spring of 2019. Now elected councils will have the right to opt out of the private retail framework, which would make cannabis available to residents only through online purchases.

        Many more issues will demand our attention in the coming months. Our challenge to deliver a sustainable solution for social assistance within 100 days will require ample input from social assistance clients, workers, caregivers and experts. Communities’ fights against large wind projects will continue as the government takes steps to control the cost of electricity. Rest assured our government is looking into these projects to determine if cancelation is in the best economical interest of Ontarians. Our new Minister of Education will oversee a full consultation regarding our education system, where all issues, including mathematics and science strategies, age-appropriate sex education and community schools will be front and centre. Cutting the waste identified by our line-by-line audit will require decisive action. Ontarians at last have a government that cares about their money being spent well and making a difference. This principle will continue driving my efforts and those of my colleagues to make Ontario prosperous and the best place to call home.

Doo, doo, doo, looking out my back door . . .

Friday, August 17th - Actually, it's our front door. And truthfully, the photo was taken on the waterfront two properties east of ours. Check closely, just above the dock with the orange colored sun reflecting off it's side, visible are the grave stones bathed in the same sunlight in the graveyard overlooking the St. Lawrence River at Mariatown. A beautiful location to say the least . . .

CTC's Ken Turnbull to coach Jr. Lions . . .

CTC owner and hockey enthusiast Ken Turnbull has signed on as Coach of the Morrisburg Junior C Lions for the 2018-19 season . . .
CTC owner and hockey enthusiast Ken Turnbull has signed on as Coach of the Morrisburg Junior C Lions for the 2018-19 season . . .

Tuesday, August 14th - Ken Turnbull, the owner/operator of South Dundas’ popular Canadian Tire outlet has been named the new Head Coach of the Morrisburg Junior C Lions. Joe Hummell who coached the team over the past few years said he would not be returning due to health reasons.

     “We feel both fortunate and pleased to announce Ken Turnball has accepted the role of Head Coach this season,” team spokesperson Kevin Casselman said this week, adding, “Ken brings a wealth of coaching experience from many levels of competitive hockey.”

     Forty-six year old Ken Turnbull and his family, wife Lori and two children, moved to Morrisburg two years past, and immediately joined the larger community. The local Canadian Tire backs the parent company’s ‘JumpStart’ program, sponsors an annual youth fishing derby, and supports numerous organizations and causes in the community.  Ken and Lori are too personally committed to various groups.

     “It’s important to us to get involved,” Ken said on Monday morning, “We believe the best way to enjoy life is to put in what you take out, so we’re committed like everyone else here in South Dundas.”  

     Scheduled also to work with the Morrisburg Bantam hockey team again this season in assisting Coach Brian Shaver, and sitting on the Minor Hockey Executive as 2nd-Vice President (and Risk Management),  Turnbull loves the game, loves sports in general, and adds, “Everything we enjoy today is through what we’ve learned in being team members and through our activity and involvment in our community.” Ken and Lori will be seeing their eldest, Matt, off to Cochrane, Alberta, in the next few weeks where he has been signed to play Junior hockey.

     A western Canadian by birth, Turnbull was born in Calgary, grew up in Medicine Hat, played his minor sports in Saskatchewan and Alberta and played Junior Hockey in both the Western Hockey League and the Alberta Junior Hockey League. Playing in Europe closed his career as a player and opened the coaching door.

     “I’ve coached every level from TimBits through Junior,” Ken said, “And we’re looking forward to working with the Junior Lions. Should be a very interesting season as we get to know everyone.”

     “Alongside Ken this season we are annoncing  former Lions player Lance Hodgson will assume the duties of Assistant Coach for the season,” Kevin Cassleman said following the Turnbull news, continuing, “Lance played minor hockey with the Rideau St Lawrence Kings, and then with the AAA Upper Canada Cyclones, before moving to the Junior level."

     Lance’s Junior resume included the Lions, as well as Casselman Vikings organization.

     The Junior C Lions will open their 2018-19 Training Camp schedule on Monday, August 27th at the Cornwall’s Benson Centre, and have five pre-season games scheduled starting Sunday, Sept. 9th at Winchester Arena against the North Dundas Rockets.

     In league news the Papineau Vikings who have won the National Capital Junior Hockey League Championship three times in the past seven years (including the immediate past season) relocated their franchise under the name the Ottawa Valley Lightning early in 2018. More recently the team has announced they will be taking a leave of absence for one year. The Cumberland Bandits have also taken a one year leave leaving the league with 10 active teams.

     The Blackburn Inferno, under new executive and management, have changed their moniker to the West Carelton Inferno and will play their home games at W. Erskine Arena in Carp.

     The 39-year-old NCJHL will ice an East and West Division this season, with the Metcalfe Jets, Morrisburg Lions, North Dundas Rockets, South Grenville Rangers and West Carleton Inferno making up the West Division group. The East Division will be comprised of the Bytown Royals, Clarence Creek Castors, Gatineau-Hull Volant, St-Isidore Eagles and Vankleek Hill Cougars.

Golden Gears, eddy and the Stingrays returning for "encore 7"!!!

     A highlight of the last few golden weeks of summer returns again this year to Iroquois. The Golden Gears Car Club will again present a free concert with Eddy & the Stingrays along with a giant classic car show on Sunday, August 26th at the Iroquois Locks Park.

     Mark 2018 as the seventh year for the event.  It’s the signature show for the local classic car club and if the weather cooperates, organizers ae hoping for at least 400 classic and show cars for spectators to enjoy, while listening to the good-time rock and roll from one of eastern Canada’s top retro bands. 

      The car show runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Eddy and the Stingrays play from 12 noon to 2:30 p.m.   There is no charge for spectators, but members of the Golden Gears Car Club will be accepting donations from vehicles as they enter the park.  Show cars will be charged a ten dollar registration fee.  In addition, proceeds from a 50-50 draw at the show and concert will be given to local charities. 

     Those drivers who have not visited the Iroquois Locks park since last summer will be pleased to see that there is a newly paved road to the site. And because no concert and car show is complete without some great food, there will again be a food truck on site. The concert portion of the day goes rain or shine; there will be a number of large tents to provide shelter and the band will be playing on the covered stage.   Remember to bring your lawn chair. 

        Since being re-vitalized in 2012, the Golden Gears Car Club has hosted a show and concert each year, along with various cruise-ins, show and shine events and charitable activities.  Each year the club holds a food drive and this year was no exception with over 600 pounds of food and three hundred dollars collected at Riley’s ValuMart in Morrisburg earlier this month.  Club membership is now at 90 people who share a love of classic cars and who also want to serve their community.   In the past year, the club has supported such groups as the local food banks, Winchester Hospital, the Lions Club, school bursaries and the Christmas Exchange.

Sunny days and the thrill of flips . . .

Since the original dock was built in the above location local youngsters have been doing flips, playing tag, and just plain enjoying the summer in their own way. And over those same many, many years the thrill of smacking against the water's cool surface has not diminished as is evidenced in these photos. Nor has the thrill of swimming where the limits are posted . . .

Fill the Bus heading to Kemptville Aug. 24 . . .

Wednesday, August 16th - The end of summer is fast approaching, it’s time once again for House of Lazarus (HOL)’s annual Fill the Bus fundraiser.

        “Fill the Bus makes a huge difference for us,” HOL client services manager Kim Merkley said. “It carries us through the rest of the summer and into the fall, helping us prepare kids and their families for back to school.”

Sponsored by Kemptville’s Coldwell Banker Coburn Realty Brokerage, this year’s Fill the Bus event is set for Friday, August 24 from 10 am to 2 pm. There will be two buses, one each at Jonsson’s Your Independent Grocer and Walmart, Kemptville Supercentre. Both Lannin’s Buslines and Wubs Transit have graciously volunteered a bus and driver for the occasion.

        “We couldn’t survive without the surrounding community,” Merkley said, noting that HOL relies on donations from

community members for its stores, as well as for its food bank and specific outreach programs and projects.

        “This fundraiser, for example, is only possible because of the support from both Kemptville stores, the two bus lines

and Coldwell Banker,” she added.

With volunteers from Glengarry Inter-Agency Group’s Dundas Youth Centre, Merkley and her HOL helpers will be on site at both venues to greet visitors and accept donations. The outreach mission is looking for non-perishable food items for its food bank, along with school supplies and/or monetary donations.

        House of Lazarus is a food bank and outreach mission located in Mountain, serving hundreds of clients from surround-

ing communities, including all of Dundas County, Grenville County and South Ottawa. Last year, 600 people were fed through HOL’s food bank, while 2,630 people were provided with food, clothing, furniture, and household goods through its outreach programming. A community-supported venture, House of Lazarus does not rely on government funding. It’s through HOL thrift stores, grants, donations, and fundraisers that its projects and programs happen.

        For more information on this or other House of Lazarus projects, please visit or follow the mission on Facebook.

Too close to believe . . .

Tuesday, August 14th - "I'm ready to play today . . ." - The Seaway Surge 'boys of summer', on a spectacularly colored late summer evening, in the final game of the Minor Peewee playoff at Kanata, traded victories in the opening two games with the Kanata Cubs. The deciding contest saw the Surge leading in the 5th on a 6-2 count, the Cubs pounded out five runs to go up one, and the Surge tied it up, followed by fireball Rory Gilmour retiring the home side to force extra innings. Unfortunately for our 'boys of summmer', the home team Cubs belted out the winning run to win the game and  take the series on a 3-1 count, closing out the 2018 season.

     South Dundas players on the Surge team this season include first-base/reliever Rory Gilmour, slugger Cooper McCooeye and Williamsburg's own Hudson Fetterly. Sammy Hart (North Dundas) mastered the catching position.

     A special and heartfelt thank you from all baseball fans in the area, most deservingly, goes out to the President of the Seaway Surge, Jason Broad, his executive and management teams, all the coaches and helpers, and especially to the players, for their efforts in bringing exciting baseball back to South Dundas. You folks did it in a very big way!!!!

     "Put me in coach . . . ", we can't wait for next season . . . in the meantime, enjoy the photos . . . 


Monday, August 13th - Long evening shadows are one of nature's little announcements that fall is not far off. And with fall comes one of the most colorful times of year, blazing palettes and crinkly leaves, green magically turning a full gamut of golds and browns, and the morning and evening skies serving up some stunningly brilliant cloud formations. Stay tuned for all the fall and winter happenings in and around South Dundas . . .

Rosemary infused pork tenderloin . . .

Tuesday, August 14th - One of our favorite meals at Chez Nous this time of the season is a beautifully roasted pork tenderloin  marinated in thyme, soy sauce, black pepper,  a touch of garlic powder and a touch of onion powder. Then roasted alongside a few twigs of rosemary on a generous bed of sliced sweet onions, basted with a honey and soy sauce mixture during the final six or seven minutes. 

        We prefer to serve the diagonally sliced tenderloin over a bed of sautéed spinach, roasted apple and yam slices, and the onions, and finally drizzling with the accumulating juices of all. The recipe is one from Canadian Chef Lynn Crawford's collection and it is superb. Check our collection of recipes, the ingredients are available locally, the key is meat at 138º . . .

Thursday, Aug. 9th - We're moving to that time of year when a morning greeting includes a spectacular sunrise over the St. Lawrence River. This one, captured before 7:00 a.m., shows the rising sun highlighting the Federal Weser, a 2002 built bulk carrier capable of moving 22,654 tonnes. In this photo she's moving her 199.91 metre length toward the Iroquois lock and on to Hamilton, Ontario.

Neil Simon's Plaza Suite takes over stage . . .

Tuesday, July 24th - Audiences get triple the entertainment in The Playhouse’s upcoming production of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite, running August 2nd through 26th. The play, a co-production between The Playhouse and Orillia Opera House, is actually three plays with one major thing in common. They all take place in the same suite at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in the late 1960’s.

        We get a sneak peek into the lives of three different couples who rent this suite at three different times. There’s a couple whose marriage is in trouble who rent the suite they honeymooned in decades ago. Next a guy with three failed marriages tries to re-connect with his former sweetheart. Then we meet frustrated parents who fight about how to get their daughter out of the bathroom and downstairs to her wedding. But the three stories actually have a lot more in common than just the location. They’re all hilarious, witty and engaging with a good deal to say about love and marriage.

        Plaza Suite is vintage Neil Simon as it aims a comic lens at life itself with characters and situations that are relatable and highly entertaining. It’s also filled with charm and nostalgia as it takes audiences back to the 60’s where life seemed simpler. But as the lights come up on each couple, we see that life was never simple and we are soon plunged into the hilarity and ups and downs of their stories.

        Viviana Zarrillo and Nigel Hamer play all three couples in this Playhouse comedy.  In the first scene they play a married couple celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary. He is distant, burying himself in work as she reaches out to him to try and rekindle their lost affection. In the next scene Hamer is a jaded Hollywood producer and Zarrillo his naïve ex-girlfriend from high school. She is wide-eyed and star-struck, he is self-serving and manipulative as they try to rekindle the past. In the final story the duo play a husband and wife trying to deal with a daughter who won’t emerge from the bathroom on her wedding day. There’s lots of good old-fashioned physical comedy as the couple desperately try to stop the perfect and expensive wedding from going down the drain.


       Artistic Director Donnie Bowes recently caught the production in Orillia and was really impressed and excited to have Playhouse audiences see it. ‘It’s a terrific show from top to bottom. Each of the three scenes pulls you right in. Like all great shows, they take you to places you don’t want to leave because you’re having such a great time there. A classy and very funny show.’ 

        Plaza Suite is directed by Orillia Opera House Artistic Director Jesse Collins who has directed such Playhouse hits as The Affections of May, Bedtime Stories, The Ladies Foursome and last season’s Halfway There. He also created and directed The Playhouse’s Dean and Jerry: What Might Have Been, which makes a return engagement here in October.

        Collins was also nominated for an EMMY for his direction of Zoboomafoo on PBS. ‘Jesse has always delivered a great show to Playhouse audiences,’ added Bowes. ‘And Plaza Suite is no exception.’ 

        Viviana Zarrillo was last seen at The Playhouse in last season’s hit Halfway There. She also appeared in Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Whose Wives Are They Anyway? and I Do! I Do!. Nigel Hamer makes his Playhouse debut after over thirty years in the business including the Stratford Festival, most of the county’s regional and summer theatres and Broadway. Joining them are Alison MacKay as characters Jean and Mimsey. McKay was seen last season in The Playhouse’s One Slight Hitch. Liam Collins is a recent graduate of Queen’s, where he appeared in several productions including End of the World with notable Toronto playwright Kat Sandler. 

        When audiences check in to the Plaza at The Playhouse they’re in for an hilarious night. By the time they check out, they’ll have experienced first-hand the stories, characters, laughs, joys, sorrows and surprises that come to life in this classic Neil Simon hit. Plaza Suite plays August 2nd-26th. It’s followed by Norm Foster’s The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby September 6th-30th.

         Shows run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 2PM; and Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8PM. Check out all of the details by clicking

Renegades returning with XXIII Classic . . .

Saturday, July 21st - The Renegade Bass fishers were in Morrisburg on Saturday competing in the 3rd-Qualifier of four season events. Seventy-six entries lined the shore, three and four abreast, for the 7:00 a.m. shotgun start, speeding away to their pre-chosen locations through a swirling churn of watery waves at the starting mark. 

        The power raged official start was almost as exciting as the final announcement of the day when RBT spokesperson, J.P. DeRose called a youngster from the attending crowd at the weigh-in to the weigh-in stage. DeRose asked the young fishing fan to draw a name from a hat, the method used to select the location of the 2018 XXIII Annual Bass Classic Tournament. Strong applause celebrated the announcement that the name on the ticket was Morrisburg.

        "We are over the moon excited," said Geraldine Fitzsimons, South Dundas Chamber of Commerce General Manager and contact liason for all concerned, "This makes my week!"

        It is the first time the 'Classic' has been out of Morrisburg. The event, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, September 8th and 9th, brings together the top 40 bass fishing teams from the season's four qualifiers and an all-out, 2-day fishing battle begins. 

        Fitzsimons said the Chamber will be busy investigating the commercial opportunities around the 2-day fishing extravaganza centred out of the Morrisburg Waterfront Park. Many of the participants in the fishing tournaments purchase accommodations and visit eateries locally while the event is on, providing a boost to the South Dundas economy. And many bring their family members to the community, while most purchase considerable amounts of fuel.

        The fishing events share and bring new marketing opportunities to the community, including through their own advertising programs and web presence, and marketing tools shared with a variety of sponsors. A large crowd gathered for the weigh-in on Saturday afternoon and the RBT organizers, as in past years, were most accommodating with the younger generation, handing out fishing rods and reels, and gear and tackle to many children. 

        "We're aware of the importance of encouraging young fishers," DeRose said, "And with our sponsors list interested in bringing along more active fishers, we have the opportunity to make it fun for the kids too."

        Top prize for top spot at the Classic weigh-in is a $75,000 boat, motor and gear combination, followed by (up to) $500 prizes for top fish (each day).  The top ten finishing teams all receive monetary prizes also.

        "Anyone with ideas to take part can contact us," Chamber spokesperson Fitzsimmons said, "We'd love to make this a bang-up event for everyone concerned."

Playhouse calendar 2018 . . .

    The Upper Canada Playhouse calendar of entertainment is open!

     "It's one of our favorite events of the year," chuckled Theatre Manager Donnie Bowes, "The fans are our best indicator that we are doing as our audience wishes and it's very nice to see."

For a full lineup of this year's shows click here . . .




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