"The longer you have worked and thought in a field and learned about a matter – and importantly, dared to make many mistakes – the better you are at intuitively coming up with ideas and analytically selecting the right one . . ."

Trade Show opens to large attendance . . .

Friday, Apr. 20th - The annual South Dundas Home and Trade Show opened at Morrisburg Arena on Friday evening to a large and receptive crowd who kept the sponsors of the numerous booths busy well past the scheduled 9:00 p.m. closing time. The Chamber of Commerce staff said it was the busiest Friday evening opening they could remember.

       “We are excited this year more than ever,” said Chamber Executive Administrator Geraldine Fitzsimmons, “Stone Crop Acres Winery was a good choice to have at the opening with their product line and there was that added professionalism that came with them that really drew people to their stage."

         The line-up throughout the day on Saturday, 9:00 a.m. thru 4:00 p.m., is chocked full of trades and industry displays and demonstrations with a side stage of entertainment for all ages, including the popular Kidz Zone, and the South Dundas firemen are welcoming especially the young people at their colorful and well-stocked booth.

South Dundas' St. Mary St. Cecilia

6th consecutive championship . . .

Wednesday, Apr. 18th - The Grades 5 and 6 Boys Bucket Ball team representing South Dundas' St. Mary St. Cecilia Catholic School in Morrisburg scored an unprecedented 6th consecutive championship at the annual Bucket Ball Tournament held at Bishop Macdonell school in Cornwall on Wednesday afternoon. The team, coached by Grade 6 teacher, Mrs. Wouters, was hardly awake for a morning photo (above) the day following the tournament. Celebrating team members included Liam Kelly, Tyson Wilbeim, Quinten Barrie, Cooper McCooeye, Keiran Ellis (absent in above pic), Lochlyn Nelson-Quibbell, Nick Connors, Kade VanBeilen, Hudson Fetterly, Luke Byvelds and Rob Walker.

South Dundas' newest champion . . .

Ten-year-old Lauryn Roy, competing as a Level 5/11 Year gymnast won her second consecutive 1st-Overall medal at the Corona Qualifying meet at Nepean on Sunday, registering the highest score marked of all Ontario competitors to date this season. Lauryn competes in two weeks . . . See more here . . . 

Bree Jennings and Faith Laberge will represent MPS speakers at Nationview . . .

Faith Laberge and Bree Jennings above, will represent Morrisburg Public School at Nationview on Monday evening after winning the local Public Speaking event on Tuesday afternoon.


Tuesday, Apr. 17th - Ten students took part in the Junior Public Speaking at Morrisburg Public School on Tuesday afternoon, all of them intent on moving on to the next level of competition. The Dundas County finals are scheduled at Nationview Public School on Monday evening, April 23rd.

        Following the speeches and tallying of the marks Faith Laberge and Bree Jennings scored top honors while Kerri Kelly was close enough in the count to be named Runner-up should either of the two finalists be forced to drop out.

        Miss Jennings presented an informative speech "All About Goats", while Miss Laberge spoke of "Always Having Faith" in a very moving and emotional delivery.

        Students from the junior classes included Ashton Hitsman, “Dogs”; Henry Martens, “Street Hockey”;  Ethan Harper, “Trip to Niagara Falls”; Jude Dagenbloom, “My Dog Murphy”; Jaden Casselman, "Things I Like To Do”; Madison Guenette, “Boxer Dogs”; and Harmony Shatler, “Myrtle Beach/Florida Vacation”. Runner-up Kerri Kelly delivered her speech on her “Family Trip to Park Safari”, the singular speaker to go through the entirety of her speech without referring to her notes.

The architecture of Morrisburg's Lakeshore Drive United Church has to be some of the most beautiful in South Dundas. We are fortunate indeed to have so many of these great and aging red brick buildings in the community, although time is not on their side forever . . . and we are fortunate too to have the opportunity to keep trying to get a good photograph of this one . . . The photo at the top of the page is a slice of this one, taken Thursday, April 12th, 2018, just before the noon-hour . . .

Five additional shows added to sched . . .

Opry Gold opens Playhouse April 24th . . .

Leisa Way brings a wide variety of hats and faces to the stage in her upcoming Opry Gold, set for Upper Canada Playhouse Tues., April 24th thru Fri., May 4th. Ms. Way's latest production has added an additional 5-performances to the Playhouse schedule . . . see more here . . .

“We can’t wait to wear disco clothes!” . . .

        The Groovy Little Orchestra band members are getting out their disco duds and are ready to head to Winchester for Saturday Night Fever, the WDMH Disco Gala on June 16th at the Winchester Community Centre. And they say they can’t wait! 

        “We love to play that kind of music,” says Nic Carey. “But what I like the most are the costumes. Absolutely!” At the gala, the seven-piece orchestra, complete with trumpet and saxophone, will entertain guests. “We’re proud and honoured to come to Winchester and support the local hospital,” Nic adds. 

        Music is truly a family affair explains Nic. “My mother was a music teacher and I remember when my brother and I put on a show for her students,” he recalls. “We’re still here!” In fact, most of the band members have music degrees and the core group has been performing together since 1997. 

        The Gala Committee is working to plan an evening of fun, disco dancing and delicious food. The evening will also include live and silent auctions, a 50/50 contest, 70's games, a photo booth and much more. And if you don’t have disco duds, no problem. Sharp casual outfits are just fine. 

        Taxpayers are not aware tax dollars do not fund everything that a hospital needs. This event is one of the many ways the hospital is raising money to help ensure compassionate, excellent health care at WDMH. Proceeds from the event go to the Family Care Fund, supporting care for families. 

        Tickets are now on sale for $125 each. Contact the Foundation Office at 613-774-2422, ext. 6162 to purchase yours. 

Delegarde announces re-election run . . .

April 16, 2018 - In a composed statement posted this morning South Dundas' Mayor, Evonne Delegarde, announced she will seek re-election this fall. Delegarde has served the Mayor's seat for the past term, is the only woman ever to hold the position, and swept to the office in a huge victory over then incumbent Steve Byvelds.


The announcement is as follows:

"    Today, I am pleased to announce my candidacy for re-election as Mayor of South Dundas in the municipal election. I will officially file my paper in late May, when I return from time with my sons and husband Ron in Calgary.

        For the past nine years, I have had the honour and privilege of serving the Municipality; the last four as your Mayor. I believe we have made progress and addressed some tough issues that have allowed us to move forward to become a better municipality and offer better customer service to ratepayers. 

        I wish to continue to represent the community that I love and am passionate about. I enjoy attending community events and meeting residents, receiving feedback, and working to resolve issues and concerns in the best interests if the Municipality. The next four years will be a great opportunity to build on some key steps taken during this term of Council. Recently South Dundas won the Provincial Economic Development Award for the student technology partnership with Ross Video and the Upper Canada School Board; and I feel there is more that can happen.

        Evonne Delegarde    "


        To date, no other persons have announced an interest in the run for Mayor although some current members of council have announced they will be in the campaign ascouncil members and the Deputy-Mayor's position. Current Deputy-MAyor Jim Locke has announced he will not be seeking ere-election.

NDDHS students pitching in . . .

NDDHS students taking part in the restoration of a family vehicle for a needy Syrian refugee family relocating to North Dundas . . .


 Tuesday, Apr. 16th – The students at North Dundas District High School (NDDHS) have embarked on a significant community project intended to enhance the lives of a Syrian refugee family that has settled in their community. 

The family of five relocated to Winchester in mid-February and the three children have been enrolled in two Upper Canada District School Board schools — NDDHS and Winchester Public School. 

Installing the new windshield . . .
Installing the new windshield . . .


       Working with the Dundas Coalition for Refugee Support to coordinate the project, the students in the senior transportation technology class at NDDHS are now repairing a donated vehicle to give to the Syrian family. 

        This is a joint effort between the school, the coalition and some businesses in the community. 

        “The community involvement is important. It’s hard to do it without them. If they cover the costs and we do the labour, it works out really well,” explained Andrew Whitton, the teacher spearheading the project. “The students are learning how to apply their skills.” 

        “I think it’s great we are doing this because they came here with nothing and it’s good to give something back when they are coming into our community and don’t really know anyone. It opens up new doors for them, and for us too,” said grade 12 student Nathan Boucher. 

Thursday, Apr. 19th - Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have safely secured dozens of weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition midway through a month-long Gun Amnesty campaign.

        As of April 16, 2018, there have been 218 gun amnesty calls for service in OPP jurisdiction, 42 of which were received through the online reporting option on the OPP website. Since the launch of the gun amnesty, 267 items were recovered through appointments made with OPP officers. These included restricted, prohibited, replica, and vintage weapons. Just over 5,200 pieces of ammunition were surrendered during this period, including a quantity of hollow point bullets.


        The gun amnesty will be in effect until Monday, April 30, 2018 for any Ontario resident who wishes to voluntarily surrender unwanted or illegally-owned firearms, weapons, accessories, or ammunition. The public is reminded that no amnesty is offered for people who turn in weapons that have been used in the commission of a crime and no anonymous submissions will be accepted.

        Interested gun owners are strongly urged to call the OPP (or their local police service's) non-emergency number at 1-888-310-1122 to arrange for officers to attend and safely retrieve the weapons. Gun owners can also use the OPP website at opp.ca/gunamnesty -- or the Citizen Self Reporting tool to notify police.


        Under NO circumstances should anyone deliver guns or ammunition directly to police facilities. 


        The Gun Amnesty does not prevent or limit the transfer of ownership or sale of firearms to and by third parties who have a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence .

        During the amnesty, police will not recommend weapons-related Criminal Code charges that might otherwise apply to people who are turning in firearms and ammunition. Although a majority of firearms surrendered to police will be destroyed, a number of firearms may be retained for historical, educational or training purposes.

        All municipal police services in Ontario are participating in the Gun Amnesty. For more information on the Canadian Firearms Program visit the RCMP's national website at http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/index-eng.htm. There you will find some general safety information, as well as information on Inherited Firearms.

Canadian Club season finale is "Aging Backwards" Miranda Esmond-White . . .

        The final Canadian Club meeting ofthe season will be held on Wednesday, May 16th, featuring Miranda Esmond-White. Miranda's topic will be 'Aging Backwards'.  She is a dancer and author of books and DVDs on exercise.  After a career as a professional ballerina,  she developed a technique called 'Classical Stretch to Improve Health'.

     The Morrisburg and District Canadian Club offers three fall and three spring dinner meetings each year. Memberships, which include your place at the table at each of the six meetings, is offered for $135. Individual dinner meetings are offered at $30 each and October is a special offer intended to attact members, offered at $25 for the evening. The Legion offers a cash bar for those wishing to partake in a glass of wine or a beer. The evening kicks-off each meeting with a social hour beginning at 6:30 p.m.

     Ticket reservations and details can be obtained by calling Clara at 613 447 8167 or Doug at 613 543 2922.

Provincial budget a 308 page IOU . . .

Friday, Apr. 20th - The government pressed the accelerator pedal in the Legislature this week, with time-allocation motions being used to expedite legislation, including Bill 31 (Budget bill), Bill 6 (correctional services) and Bill 8 (elevators and credit reporting). Considering the very few sessional days left in this Parliament, the government’s rush is no surprise. Before going for the prorogation gambit, the government used precious legislative time to debate motions of no consequence instead of working through Second Reading debates. After prorogation, the Throne Speech took up another sessional week, and the time crunch started being felt.

         The government has a majority – it can do almost whatever it pleases. They are the authors of their current panic, which means MPPs and stakeholders are deprived of the opportunity to comment on legislation, understand its implications and bring forth well-rounded arguments. I sat in Committee hearings on corrections this week and was impressed by the sheer number of issues affecting our 

corrections system – from solitary confinement to health, rehabilitation and staff hiring. A reform has been brewing for years. Condensing years of advocacy, knowledge and experience into a 5-minute presentation inevitably leaves out essential nuances that could, if given the chance, help create truly informed public policy.

        Meanwhile, the unintended but predictable consequences of the government’s about-face on balanced budgets began manifesting themselves. A major sovereign credit rating agency first issued a warning, then downgraded our fiscal outlook. This is no minor bump in the road. If you would think twice about investing long-term into a bond whose issuer might not be able to pay, institutional buyers have already done so and will demand a higher interest. This already costs us $1 billion a month. When interest rates rise, this interest bill will only become more expensive. The current Budget is a 308-page IOU being stuffed into the provincial piggy bank – Ontarians deserve and need an honest, plausible and mature fiscal plan that focuses on the kind of balance that makes public services sustainable and government finances boringly predictable.

         The electricity corporate governance file was anything but predictable this week. The government dodged the question about a $400,000 pay increase for the CEO of Ontario Power Generation, a crown corporation in direct contact with the government. The shrugging of shoulders is just one indication of the lack of control over the spending of your taxpayers’ dollars. While the Opposition peppered the government with questions regarding the completely disproportionate salary of Hydro One’s CEO compared to his Canadian peers, news emerged that the company changed its compensation policy by doubling the CEO’s severance to $10 million in case the government exercised its right to fire the Board and CEO. To any reasonable observer, this smacks of a dare by the utility to its controlling shareholder and to the customers it, as a monopolist, holds captive. We have moved from back-room spats to open defiance of a government that for years projected weakness. This can’t be allowed to slide. Immediate, exemplary action is imperative, if the very institution of government is to maintain the legitimacy and authority that it needs in order to exist.

Playhouse opening 2018 this week . . .

    The Upper Canada Playhouse calendar of entertainment opens this week andstaff urges everyone to select their favorite seats in the venue.

     "It's one of our favorite events of the year," chuckled Theatre Manager Donnie Bowes, "The fans are our best indicator that we are doing as our audience wishes and it's very nice to see."

For a full lineup of this year's shows click here . . .

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