Municipal Open House regarding Morrisburg streetscape project . . .

     The Municipality of South Dundas will host a Public Open House regarding the proposed Morrisburg Streetscape Project, on Monday, Nov 27th, 6:00 - 8:00pm at the Municipal Council Chambers. The Municipality is seeking public feedback on the project prior to the United Counties of SDG performing design and engineering work. 

     The public will have the opportunity to view the conceptual plans for the Morrisburg Streetscape Project at the Open House and provide feedback,  impressions and ask questions concerning these plans. Details of all aspects of the plan will be available at this Open House.

Rylands is B2 Midgets sole bright spot  . . .

Lions goaltender Nate Rylands reaches for the puck in Friday's Midget B2 House game at Morrisburg Arena. See more pics and notes here . . .

Black Lumber will close doors following 70-years business in Morrisburg . . .

       Another long time South Dundas commercial establishment is closing it’s doors. Black Lumber, a multi-generational local family business in Morrisburg for near 70 years will be closing the doors for the last time at the end of December. Recently Whitteker Meat Market in Williamsburg announced they would be closing their doors after an 80-year, two generation family run.

       “It’s time to move on,” current owners David and Donald Black said earlier this week, adding they were looking forward to “doing something else.”   The well known, Morrisburg raised “Black twins” as they are identified by an elder generation, inherited the family business from their father Lyle when he passed away in 1995. Lyle had inherited the business from his father, Grant Black, who first built and opened Black Lumber at it’s current location in 1947.

      Through the years Black Lumber has been a part of the fabric of the community, taking an active roll, as do most community businesses, in supporting minor hockey and curling and baseball among other activities.

     We remember Black Lumber floats in community parades of many years gone by, such as the Morrisburg Centennial Parade and week long celebrations in 1961. We remember too, as children, 'cutting through' the lumber yard and then on through the Hydro apartments to the mall, somehow believing that distance was quicker. And we spent hours in and around there playing evening games.  

       “We took some time to decide the proper steps to take,” Donald said, “And we decided it was time to close the shop.” then added, “So we’ll see what happens.”

David, who says he’s been chasing the clock and customer service for nearly 35 years and is looking to spend some quality time taking a break from it all. His plans include " . . . maybe ride to the Grand Canyon on the bike (motorcycle), and take time to enjoy life."

       “We’ve been looking through some of the past paperwork and business records,” Donald adds, “There are some really humorous stories there for sure," he adds, “I bet people would love to see some of the old invoices and compare shop the prices then and today,” he laughs, “The numbers would raise a few eyebrows!” 

       The owners said they would be considering their options on their well located and large section of property neighbouring the downtown core, but to date have not made any solid commitments.

$12.2 billion interest for Ontario . . .

MPP Jim McDonell
MPP Jim McDonell

 By Jim McDonell

      The Government released the Fall Economic Statement this week, outlining the Province’s economic performance compared to the 2017 Budget. The data showed the government missing the mark on many, if not most of their targets. The trend to spend more than we earn continued, as we witnessed expense growth of $215 million while revenues grew by only $150 million. The interest on our out of control debt has now reached $12.2 billion annually or more than $1 billion per month! These interest payments are crowding out funding that should be creating jobs and funding hospital and long term care beds. It is time the government got serious about debt reduction, instead of increasing spending in every ministry in the run-up to a provincial election in 2018. 

     The planned reforms to minimum wage and labour laws received a mention in the Fall Economic Statement speech as well. Over the past months, the concerted advocacy efforts by municipalities and job creators seemed to have the government finally listening to concerns that the rapid implementation of these changes could lead to many job losses and rising costs to municipalities. A further sign of hope came when the government submitted amendments to Bill 148 to grant municipal essential services certain exemptions from on-call pay provisions that would have bankrupted many of our small and rural municipalities. Job-creators waiting for a reprieve were disappointed as announced tax cuts will only benefit those that are able to make a profit. The job losses, reduced hours, and frozen expansions that will result from rapidly implementing Bill 148, will leave those needing help worse off. It’s time this government made the tough decisions required to turn our economy around and bring back the good-paying jobs that used to be the hallmark of this province.

     In the House we began discussing Bill 175, the Safer Ontario Act. It is a comprehensive reform of policing and police oversight in Ontario and the Government is, again, rushing it through with little consultation. Law enforcement stakeholders highlighted their input was hardly sought during the drafting stages of the Bill, and they expressed severe concerns that the Official Opposition also shares. For instance, the vagueness of the Bill’s language leaves the door open to outsourcing many law enforcement duties to private contractors, such as security companies. This is not acceptable. Ontarians and sworn officers deserve to know the extent of the mandate that we exclusively entrust to our accountable law enforcement agencies. Moreover, rather than simplify police oversight and make it more transparent, the government just piles new bureaucracies and agencies on top of already existing ones, causing higher workloads and paperwork without a corresponding commitment to improving staffing and funding. We, as Ontarians, and officers sworn to serve our communities deserve better.

      The government also recalled the House for special sittings in order to pass back-to-work legislation to end the college strike. Since the beginning of the strike, the Official Opposition has called for the Government to intervene and ensure students were back in class. 

Students collecting for the unfortunate . . .

The ME to We Club along with students in various classes at St. Mary St. Cecilia are collecting new items for Naomi House, House of Lazarus and Community Food Share thru November 20th. The collected items will be divided and prepared for delivery and a prayer service will be held for World Day of the Poor.  - photos Susan Baldwin

Playhouse unveils 2018 show calendar . . .

    The Upper Canada Playhouse calendar of entertainment was unveiled and digitally presented this week for all seeking to select their favorite seat in the venue. And at 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning crowds began gathering at the theatre box office door. At the time of this post we had not been informed who was actually first in line.

     "It's one of our favorite events of the year," chuckled Theatre Manager Donnie Bowes, "The fans are our best indicator that we are doing as our audience wishes and it's very nice to see."

For a full lineup of this year's shows click here . . .

The Christmas Concert to see . . .

A very special event will take place on Sunday afternoon, December 10th, when the West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Kingston Youth Choir come together at St. James Anglican Church in Morrisburg to present a concert entitled Christmas Around the World. Both groups are donating their performances, and the proceeds will be divided between the Tilted Steeple Coffee House’s refugee sponsorship project and Community Food Share. 

      Promotion of the event has begun in earnest, and tickets are going very fast. We don’t want our regulars to miss out, so be sure to get yours without delay! Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for children and students, available from the following locations and individuals:

- Tilted Steeple Coffee House (next one is on Friday, Nov. 17)

- PharmaChoice Pharmacy in Morrisburg

- Bob Ruddock 613-543-3864 ( 

- Isabelle Delage 613-643-2090 ( 

Next up is Alight at Night . . .

Alight at Night returns toUpper Canada Village on December 1st . . .
Alight at Night returns toUpper Canada Village on December 1st . . .

     Following a record attendance for Pumpkinferno, pegged at a staggering near 75,000 patrons, the St. Lawrence Parks are gearing up for another round. Teams of employees at both Upper Canada Village's Alight at Night, and Fort Henry's Lumina Borealis, are back at the drawing boards.  However, neither of the teams are getting much rest just yet as the new events are scheduled for a December 1st opening. Both sites are on short timelines to transform the giant stages that are their entire properties.

     “Quite a bit of the set-up for the equipment and hardware used for Lumina Borealis was completed in September during Fort Fright set-up. This year Lumina Borealis will feature an 

Lumina Borealis opens on December 1st at Fort Henry . . .
Lumina Borealis opens on December 1st at Fort Henry . . .

engaging storyline that will include experience markers along the tour route to draw people into the story and encourage them to look for different features and characters.  We are looking more and more to connect with our visitors, helping them to create a memory.” – Geoff Waycik, Manager of Historic Sites, St. Lawrence Parks

     Additional changes visitors can expect to see at Lumina Borealis will be in the Frost Parade area that will include a bigger, more interactive zone.  It will be extra child friendly, more family oriented environment providing more warming areas such as fire pits and warming huts. 

     Lumina Borealis will be open on Friday through Sunday plus special holiday nights from December 1st to February 19th. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 3rd online at  

     Alight at Night opens on select nights (Thursday through Sunday) from December 1st to 21st and nightly from December 21st to January 6th, 2018.  The show is closed December 24th and 25th. This year at Alight at Night, the Village fairgrounds will be transformed into Twinkle Town, a magical setting of winter-themed play areas for wee ones, all set among twinkling, musical trees! Alight at Night tickets are on sale at   

Spring Canadian Club dinners now scheduled for Spring 2018 . . .

     Norma Domey will headline the initial Canadian Club meeting on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at the Morrisburg Legion. This Past Governor of Toastmasters International  will deliver an informative narrative on her relative and the replacement portrait for Sir John A. McDonald's Canadian $10 note, Viola Desmond.

    The Wednesday, April 18, 2018 meeting Patrick Imbert will speak concerning the subject of multiculturalism.  Patrick is a Distinguished Scholar,  and holder of the  University of Ottawa Research Chair in Sociocultural Changes in Canada.

      The final meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 16th featuring Miranda Esmond-White. Miranda's topic will be 'Aging Backwards'.  She is a dancer and author of books and DVDs on exercise.  After a career as a professional ballerina,  she developed a technique called 'Classical Stretch to Improve Health'.

     The Morrisburg and District Canadian Club offers three fall and three spring dinner meetings each year. Memberships, which include your place at the table at each of the six meetings, is offered for $135. Individual dinner meetings are offered at $30 each and October is a special offer intended to attact members, offered at $25 for the evening. The Legion offers a cash bar for those wishing to partake in a glass of wine or a beer. The evening kicks-off each meeting with a social hour beginning at 6:30 p.m.

     Ticket reservations and details can be obtained by calling Clara at 613 447 8167 or Doug at 613 543 2922.

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