Year End Tournament - Minor Baseball, finals on Sunday,  J. C. Park, Willyburg . . .

Some great baseball action at J. C. Whitteker Park in Williamsburg as the Year End Minor Ball Tournament grinds through an 8-team, A and B Division round robin, with the finals slated for Sunday afternoon. Teams from winchester, Kemptville (4) and Williamsurg (2) and Winchester (2) are included in the schedule. Take in a game on Sunday afternoon. It's great ball . . .

As the tug "Wilf Seymour" was guiding the barge "Alouette Spirit" thru the lock at Iroquois we noted the tower height of the controls. And we noted the height of the Osprey nest at the far end of the lock. So . . . we managed to grab the photo below. Mama Osprey was glaring at the pilot and skipper, as though they were interrupting her homemaking. We're not sure the men on the boat even noticed the nest . . .

Luvin' Beach Day at Morrisburg . . .

Morrisburg's Annual Beach Day presented by the municipality drew a strong number of youngsters on Friday afternoon with games and crafts, and a home-made waterslide, and tug-o-war and more. And it drew a lot of smiles too. Big, happy smiles . . .

Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC, 2017

Time Capsule opening smells off . . .

Present day Mayor Evonne Delegarde holds a photograph from the time capsule depicting the council of 1992, three of whom appear with her. Left to right is Jack Notman, Dirk Testerink and Cam Martell. The Reeve in 1992, Gord McGregor, has passed away. Testerink was the Deputy Reeve and Dr. Larry Schnurr, absent, was the third member of council.


     There was a ton of advance notice concerning the opening of the Village of Morrisburg time capsule buried at the Morrisburg Civic Centre 25 years ago. There was expectation. There were visitors in the gallery and past members of council. Some from back-in-the-day!

And there were even some onlookers.

     When 1992 council members Jack Notman, Cam Martell and Dirk Testerink hammered the caps off the tubes that had been buried for 25 years, there was the overpowering, terrible odour of mould and bad running shoes ahead of the flags and paper items that had been placed inside.

     A set of flags that had been flying through the summer months at the Civic Centre were folded and placed in the tubes, along with a few copies of the Ottawa Citizen announcing the Blue Jays as World Champions. Numerous items including some created by school children were included and a huge mural with signatures penned at a community picnic in the day. 

     The present village council is working on a replacement to bury for the next generation of elected members, this time hopefully keeping in mind that a proper seal will make the contents more inviting when they are eventually opened. The new time capsule will be buried at the present town hall, in front of the flag gardens, and is to be opened in 2042.

    Anyone wishing a high-rez photo of the poster with signatures can contact us by email and we will gladly send along a copy for you to identify names . . .

Drama Camp celebrating Canada's 150th . . .

     Made in Canada is not something you see a lot of these days. Even though that’s exactly what the senior drama camp of 20 ten-and-up aged students at Upper Canada Playhouse has chosen for the theme of this year’s show. 

     "Hockey Players and Cold Fronts" hits the stage on Saturday, July 22nd, at 10 a.m. at The Playhouse. The 45-minute presentation honouring Canada's 150th birthday is fittingly titled with a partial quote by a Canadian politician and is an all-Canadian show featuring Canadian music, dance, costumes and comedy. 

     The annual two-week summer theatre school is under the direction of retired teacher Mary Ellen Viau. The program engages youngsters from ten-and-up, and encourages creative participation in theatre activities culminating in this entertaining presentation on the stage of Upper Canada Playhouse. 

     In their celebration of all things Canadian the group gives a nod to everything from Don Messer to Leonard Cohen, Maurice Richard to Anne of Green Gables, Sir John A. to the Dionne Quints and poutine to McIntosh apples! Admission is free and all are welcome to enjoy this patriotic presentation.

     The Theatre School is so popular with area youth and parents that The Playhouse is looking to establish a session during the school year as well. Those interested in receiving more info on this extended theatre school session are invited to contact The Playhouse and leave their name and contact info. Staff will return the contact call when plans are firmly in place. Upper Canada Playhouse - 613-543-3713.

Improvements continue on Iroquois waterfront, drawing visitors . . .

Regular visitors from the Province of Quebec can be found at the Iroquois beach every weekend. Many are staying at the campground while many others make the day -trip along Highway 401.

     Following the re-building of the Iroquois beach parking lot a year ago a successful season pointed out the need for more parking slots. In order to add space and correct some minor issues, Iroquois' well known John Ross stepped up to help. And Lloyd McMillan was right behind him.

     The parking lot was expanded to add 21 new parking spaces, the entire lot offering just more than 80 individual parking spots. Drainage was also improved by sloping the surfaces of the new areas, adding a new ditch and tile drainage.

John Ross and Lloyd McMillan . . .
John Ross and Lloyd McMillan . . .

     Again this year John Ross has donated his services for the overall design of the lot and drainage, job-site supervision, all the traffic signs, and has also provided the majority of the funding for the project.

     The Municipality of South Dundas provided an appreciated "first annual lot maintenance”, including the contribution and grading of three loads of crushed stone. This effort dealt with existing pot holes and smoothing of the lot surface. The municipality also did a great job installing all the posts for the traffic signs and securing all of the concrete barriers.

     Lloyd McMillan Equipment Ltd. provided the major share of the new work, including excavation of the new parking areas, expanded ditching, crushed stone and grading, and the installation of tile drainage. McMillan also relocated all the large barrier stones and concrete curbs. 

     A spokesperson for the Iroquois Waterfront Committee said the group is extremely grateful to both John Ross and Lloyd McMillan for stepping up and helping the community with both expertise and financial support.

In the photo, right, John Ross and Lloyd McMillan pose near one of the newly installed traffic direction signs. In the top photo the new deck being installed at the beach canteen is taking shape.

     It is of worthy note that Lloyd McMillan has donated much of the cost of this work. As a long-time resident of the community, he wanted to see the job done well. 

The deck and canteen area at the Iroquois beach is getting a full make-over. The project has been headed up by community-minded individuals, John Ross and Lloyd McMillan who have been supported by a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

Hilarious Comedy drawing great crowds, reviews to Playhouse Stage  . . .

     Playhouse audiences are advised to fasten their seatbelts for the funniest flight of their life when one of the longest running comedies comes in for an hilarious landing on the Morrisburg stage, July 6th - 30th.

     Marc Camoletti’s Boeing Boeing, an instant runaway comic hit in when it opened in 1962 at London’s Apollo Theatre, played  7-years in Europe. The play continued to enjoy productions all over the world.

     Upper Canada Playhouse is excited to present this sure fire hit. As with all great farces, Boeing Boeing is fueled by the chaos created when the lead character makes a serious mistake and desperately tries to correct it by involving everyone around him in a massive and hilarious cover-up. 

     Bernard is a swinging bachelor who has everything-a flat in Paris and three gorgeous stewardesses who are all engaged to him. None of them know anything about each other because their flights and layovers are on different schedules.  That is until a speedier Boeing jet throws Bernard off his plan by landing all three at his flat at the same time.

     Damage control begins as he enlists the help of his innocent friend Robert and wily maid Bertha to keep all three fiancées from seeing each other. 

     The Playhouse has assembled a stellar team of familiar actors and new talent to execute the physical and verbal antics of this hilarious show. Audience favourites Brian Young, Brenda Quesnel and AnnaMarie Lea all return to light up the Playhouse stage with Young playing the unsuspecting friend Robert, Quesnel the crafty and knowing maid, Bertha, and Lea playing Gloria, an American Airlines stewardess. They are joined by three new faces making their Playhouse debut including Gaelan Beatty as Bernard, Stephanie Folkins as Gretchen and Siobhan Richardson as Gabriella-German and Italian stewardesses respectively. Liz Gilroy, popular Playhouse actor and choreographer, directs. 

     Boeing Boeing runs July 6th - 30th with 2pm shows Tues, Wed, Thu, Sat. & Sun., and 8pm shows Thu, Fri. & Sat. Call 543-3713 or 1-877-550-3650 or

     Following Boeing Boeing are One Slight Hitch August 3-27, and Halfway There September 7 to October 1. Flex passes available til June 8 with regular tickets on sale all season. Check out the latest info @


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