Another victory on march to playoffs . . .

Wednesday, Jan. 16th - The Midget B-1 House Lions  11-team league rules the top eight entries will emerge for a playoff round. Should the play-off round be called today, the B-1 Lions would be stepping aside.

        The bottom seven positions in the standings are so tight that they could be totally turned around on a single win in the next week. Brockville 1 has accumulated 16 points over 22 games while the South Grenville Ranges have 13 points after 24 games. That’s 5th-place and 11th-place respectively. There are five teams between them in the standings.

        The South Dundas Lions B-1 are in 9th place, one point behind the 8th-place South Dundas Lions B-2 entry, but somewhat crippled recently when one of their leading players, Jaeden Shaver, took a season ending injury.

        That being said the Lions still managed to edge the Rangers on Wednesday evening in a 3-2 victory at Morrisburg. The team now has eight games remaining in their regular season schedule, 

        After falling behind the Lions came out of the opening period with a 2-1 lead, went up 3-1 in the middle period and allowed a singe in the final frame for the 3-2 victory. The Lions second goal was a power-play effort, as was the Rangers second goal.

        Emytt Fetterly scored South Dundas’ first goal on an unassisted play while Don Veenstra tied the game for South Grenville. Owen Orendi gave the Lions the lead late in the same period on a goal from Callahan Staye and Veronica Alfaro-Peters.

        Mackenzie McKee-Markell scored what turned out to be the Lion’s insurance marker in the middle period on a Grace Janes pass for the 3-1 lead and Jeret Moore cut that lead to 3-2 in favor of the Lions midway through the final period.  The Lions Gauge Brown shut the door on the Rangers of the balance of the game for the 3-2 win.

        South Grneville won the penalty race, outscoring the Lions on a 9-8 count, all minors. The Lions next home date will be a Morrisburg, 8:00 p.m. start against the 2nd-place Leeds Chargers on Wednesday, Jan. 30th.


Sunday, Jan 13th - Are the South Dundas Midget B-1 House Lions on the move? There’s something up. Because the team that is sitting in a somewhat dismal position in last place in the 11-team standings scored a tie in Smiths Falls against the 7th-place Bears and travelled to Brockville where they met and defeated the 5th-place Braves in a 5-4 game over the past weekend.

        On the dark side the Lions lost one of their leading players on the weekend, Jaeden Shaver, to a broken knee-cap. Shaver will sit out the balance of the year while recovering according to a teammate.

        At Brockville, following a scoreless opening period,  the home team scored midway through the second frame for a 1-0 lead on a Lucas Henderson marker. Mackenzie McKee-Markell got that one back when she tapped in a Devon Swindells/Veronica Alfaro-Peters set-up for a goal.

        Tyler Gagliano gave the Braves the lead again just seconds later followed by Connor Thompson tying the game when he notched a Lion’s goal from Keiran Geurkink.

        Entering the final period in a 2-2 tie the two teams raced up and down the ice in an effort to secure the victory. The Lions grabbed the lead on a Devon Swindells’ counter but Gagliano got that one back three minutes later to keep the Braves in it. South Dundas took the lead again when Thompson nailed his second of the game from Scott Brooks with ten minutes remaining. Dylan Wren tied the score for the Braves for the final time at the six minute mark when he snared a Cushing/Henderson set-up and beat Gauge Brown in the Lion’s net. South Dundas' Emytt Fetterly rushed from his own end in the final five minutes and fired a heavy shot at the Braves net. Teammate Raiden Foote picked off the rebound and beat Trickey for the winning goal of the game, a 5-4 victory.

        Each team served nine minor penalties in this game.

        On Sunday at Smiths Falls the Lions picked up their third point of the two game run when they came back from a deficit in the final period outscoring the home team 3-2 on the frame.

       The Bears took a 1-0 first period lead on a goal by Jayden Comeau. The Lions then surged ahead with a pair of counters from Callahan Staye, the first from Mackenzie McKee-Markell and the second unassisted, for a 2-1 lead. Late in the same period Smiths Falls again went ahead on two goals from Justin Bron and Tyler Cassell, going into the final period up 3-2.

      Devon Swindells tied the game at 4-4 after Josh Gorin raised the Bears stake to 4-2 midway through the period. Emytt Fetterly, Jeff McPhail and Raiden Foote picked up assists on the Swindell’s counters. Parker Lee gave the home team Bears a 5-4 lead with eight minutes remaining in the game but two minutes following Staye set up McPhail to tie the game for good at 5-5.

        The Lions served nine infractions while the Bears were called on ten occassions.

        Next home game for South Dundas will be Wednesday, Jan. 16th t 8:00 p.m. when the South Grenville Rangers come to Morrisburg.

Visiting B-2 Lions take 2nd-meeting . . .

Wednesday, Jan. 9th - There are benefits for South Dundas hockey fans who enjoy the Midget age group. Particularly when the community is represented across the Upper Canada Minor Hockey League by two South Dundas teams in an eleven team division.

        The two Lions teams are not in the top, playoff bound group. Nor are they challenging for a spot. But they do play an enthusiastic, terribly exciting to watch game of hockey, and none more enthusiastic than when they play against each other. The second meeting of the season, this one a home game for the B-1 Lions, winners of the previous meeting on a 6-3 count,

was a win for their opponents, the B=2 Lions, on a very close 5-4 score.  

        The enthusiasm between the two is not only created by the love of the game and the rambunctious attitudes most young people of this age group exercise during a game, it’s bragging rights around the arena, community streets and events and in the hallways of Seaway High School where most of the players attend. As do their fans. And they each have a considerable and just as enthusiastic following of fans.

        The game here on Wednesday evening opened with the B-2 Lions taking a 2-0, 1st-period lead, on goals by Maclean Machan from Kolby Latulippe and Martina Lewis, then Brady Smith from TJ Barnhartd and Aden Casselman. The home team B-1 Lions Emytt Fetterly came back with a goal early in the second period cutting the lead in half, but less than a minute later their opponents went up 3-1 when Kolby Latulippe beat Gauge Brown. Machan and Alek Larocque assisted on Latulippe’s counter.

        Late in the middle period, amid the speed and tough play, the B-2 Lion’s defence forced Fetterly to go wide on a scoring attempt after which he continued around the net and squeezed the puck between Mustard's skate and the post into the far side. Callahan Staye and Connor Thompson assisted. In the final minute of the second period Kieran Geurkink stepped across the B-2 Lions blue line and unloaded a bullet the hit the crossbar and deflected to the left side of the net. The referee saw it as a goal with Geurkink tying the score and Jaeden Shaver drawing the assist.

        The visiting B-2 Lions took the lead  midway through the final period when Nolan Henry beat Brown on a Max Garlough set-up to post a 4-3 lead and the back and forth, chances at both ends continued. Two minutes after the Henry goal the B-1 Lions swarmed the slot and Scott brooks beat Michaela Mustard to again tie the game at four each. 

        Machan Maclean is possibly the most celebrated midget hockey playing student at Seaway today (Thursday). Maclean beat Gauge Brown for the winner with six minutes remaining in the game when Latulippe and Sarah Backes set him up for the score.

        In the dying minutes of the game the B-1 Lions pulled Brown for the extra man, then had a power-play opportunity to go along with the extra man, but neither attempt resulted in any great threat.

        The visiting team had won each of the South Dundas games. The two teams will meet one more time before the season is out, a date for which has not be established.

        The B-1 Midget House Lions play their next home game against the South Grenville Rangers on Wednesday, Jan. 16th at Morrisburg Arena. Game time is 8:00 p.m.

Braves suffer 5-1 pummelling and . . .

If you're looking for the rough stuff it's not always a great idea to tangle with Lion's defenceman Noah Keeler (centre) in front of the South Dundas net. More opposition players end up like the guy on the left than the guy on the right, but he suffered the same fate a few plays later . . .


The Wednesday, Dec. 13th - When the midget house league swings into action there is always the promise of a rough and tumble, winner take all outcome. And on Wednesday evening at Morrisburg Arena that’s exactly what the fans in attendance witnessed. 

        The closing minutes of a game between the Brockville Braves B-1 and the South Dundas Lions B-1 could have provided a strong challenge to the WWE Friday Night Showdown, including a considerable work-out for the officials. The list of penalties was simply to long to record during the game.

        Neither of the teams involved have a chance of making a playoff run. Not a chance. They are playing for the fun of the game. And they are playing at an age when the rough stuff is more than acceptable. Unfortunately, that’s not how the rule book sees it, although the fans were quite easily swayed.

        The Lions led from the start, well in control of the action through the opening period. leading 2-1 after 20 minutes they Lions added a pair of unanswered counters in the middle frame and a single in the closing period for a 5-1 victory.

Mackenzie McKee-Markell scored the Lion’s first goal with Jeff McPhail drawing the assist. Connor Thompson made it 2-0 40 seconds later on an Emmytt Fetterly pass. Garin Durant cut the Lion’s lead late in the period when he beat goaltender Gauge Brown in the Lion’s net.

        Owen Orendi and Jeff McPhail each scored singles in the middle period  and bantam affiliate Ryan Thompson bent the twine behind Braves net-minder Cole Trickey for the 5-1 victory.

        Fighting took over the final period when the Braves surrounded the Lion’s net-minder several times, whacking and stabbing at a invisible rebound. Numerous penalties were called and possible suspensions will follow.

        The B-1 House Lions host the B-2 House Lions in Midget action Wednesday, Dec. 19th at 8:00 p.m. for Christmas bragging rights. Should be acton packed again . . .

Lion's earn draw with Braves . . .

Friday, Dec. 7th - South Dundas’ Midget B-1 House Lions tied the 5th-place Brockville B-2 House Braves on Friday night at Morrisburg Arena. The game opened with the Lions setting a blistering pace, scoring four unanswered counters in the first period to grab a 4-0 lead.

        Jaedan Shaver started the scoring run with an unassisted marker followed by a tip-in by Raiden Foote on a Connor Thompson effort. Thompson then turned around and scored one from Shaver for the 3-0 lead and Devon Swindells scored late in the period when Mackenzie McKee-Markell and Ben Wiltshire provided the set-up.

        Second period action saw the Braves claw their way back outscoring the Lions on a 2-1 count in the 15-minute frame. Ethan Carrol and Mark Johhnston scored singles for the visitors while Swindells with his second closed the period scoring on a 5-2 lead for the home team.

        The Braves dominated the final period, outscoring the Lions on a 4-1 cont and closing the game on a 6-6 draw. Jackson Charmen, Austin Goulet, Deelan Melville and Jared Boyd tallied for Brockville to move into a 6-5 lead and McKee-Markell tied the score with five minutes remaining on the game clock. The Lions were haunted by their rough tactics, giving up a possible win while serving three minors and a major in the final period. Four additional minors in the opening two periods compared to the Braves two minor infractions over the game, made the difference in this one.

        The B-1 House Midgets host the Braves B-1 squad on Wednesday evening at Morrisburg Arena in an 8:00 p.m. start. Should be a good one to watch . . .

Panther's win on early effort . . .

Wednesday, Dec. 6th - The Midget B-1 House Kemptville Panthers staved off a third period charge by the home team B-1 Lions on Monday evening at Morrisburg Arena to take a 6-4 victory back up the highway. And they were fortunate to do so.

        Riley Keating appeared to take the heart out of the Lion’s efforts when he opened the scoring in this game, beating Lion’s netminder Gauge Brown on an unassisted effort just minutes into the game. The Panthers pummelled the South Dundas 

Guage Brown under attack by the Panthers . . .
Guage Brown under attack by the Panthers . . .

goaltender through the first period, although Brown held his ground enough to keep the visitors at bay hang on to the 1-0 lead.

        In the middle frame Kemptville again controlled the play, scoring one goal early and adding a third for a 3-0 lead late in the frame. Liam Mathieson gave the Panthers a 2-0 lead and Keating came back with his second to put Kemptville up on a 3-0 score.

        The Lions responed to the challenge at the opening of the final period when Emytt Fetterly scored a pair of goals in 77 seconds to cut the Panther’s lead to 5-2. Believe it or not the Panthers scored a goal between Fetterly’s pair. Connor Thompson then cut the score to 5-3 when he beat Kemptville goaltender Jesse Ziomistic for South Dundas’ 3rd counter, and the fans woke up. Keating added one, his fourth of the night, followed by the Lion's Veronica Alfaro-Peters to leave the score at 6-4 on the game.

        The B-1 House Lions host the Brockville Braves B-2 squad on Friday, Dec. 7th at 8:00 p.m. in what will be a great Midget House League game.

The Lions were handed abundant chance in the final 18 minutes, but ran out of time to score the tie . . .
The Lions were handed abundant chance in the final 18 minutes, but ran out of time to score the tie . . .

Goaltender's duo in Midget B House . . .

Wednesday, Nov 14th - While a number of team members sat out the game due to suspension the 9th-place South Dundas Midget B-1 House Lions and the 6th-place Brockville Braves Midget B-2 put on a great show of hockey at Morrisburg Arena on Wednesday evening. 

        Following a scoreless opening period the Lions stuck midway through the second frame. The Braves missed the opportunity to tie the game when they rang the puck off the goal post on a clear break. That was all Lion's net minder Gage Brown gave them to shoot at.

        In the final frame the Braves tied the score and it was the Lions turn to ding the post (twice) while being turned away by the Braves goal tender Nathan Belise on numerous opportunities. Over the three periods the Braves enjoyed the power play on five occasions and failed to beat a determined Lions penalty killing machine and net minder Brown. The Lions single goal did come on the power play, one of only two the home team enjoyed.

        The two teams played a great contest of back and forth acton packed hockey. Devon Swindells was the game’s first goal scorer when he relayed an Emmett Fetterly pass into a goal behind Belise for the 1-0 lead. There was one second remaining on the Braves penalty when Swindells scored.

        Almost exactly a period later Austen Goulet tied the game with Jared Boyd and Mark Johnston drawing the assists. In spite of an ensuing all out offensive charge by both teams in turn in the final ten minutes of the game, both goal tenders earned ‘player of the game’ honors for their efforts in this one. Some remarkable action shut down by some remarkable goal tending to leave the score in a one all tie.

        The B-1 Lion Midgets host the 7th-place Brockville Braves B-1 squad next Wednesday evening at Morrisburg Arena. The puck drop is slated for 8:00 p.m.

Lions blow lead, comeback, close on tie . . .

This one had all the makings of a rough game in the opening period - and it was . . .


Wednesday, Nov. 8th - The South Dundas Lions Midget B-1 House team almost went to the top of the pile of teams trying to open the cellar door in league standings on Wednesday evening at Morrisburg Arena.  The Lions took the lead, watched the last place South Grenville Rangers come back to tie the score and then take a two goal lead. The Rangers then gave up that lead to go behind by a single goal in a fast six minute span of the third period.

        To say the game was exciting is an understatement. Lots of fast, rough action, the two teams scored a total of 10 goals, and a not nice at all vicious check by the Ranger’s Tye Mitchell on the Lion’s Veronica Alfero-Peters that required a trip to the hospital. This game ended in a 5-5 tie, the final goal by the visitors to match the Lion’s output being scored with .02 seconds left on the time clock.

       South Dundas’ Owen Orendi and Kieran Geurkink scored to give the Lions a 2-0 lead in the opening period with Connor Thompson and Jaedan Shaver picking up assists.

        The Rangers fired four counters in the second frame outscoring their hosts 4-0 on the period. Tye Mitchell, Blake Harnum, Colby Richards and Tyler Berry all had singles for the Rangers.

        The Lions turned that around in the final period when Nathan Verhey, Jeff McPhail and Connor Thompson gave South Dundas a 5-4 lead on the game. In an final effort to tie South Grneville stormed the Lion’s zone and an errant deceiving flip shot bounced and crossed the goal line, followed immediately by the arena clock signalling ice-time had run out.

        The 10th-place Midget B-1 House Lions host the Brockville Braves Midget B-2 House squad on Wednesday, Nov. 14th at 8:00 p.m. The Midget B House division is great hockey to watch.

B1 House Midgets top Panthers B-3

Friday, Oct. 19th - Kemptville’s Midget B-3 House Panthers showed they were a physical challenge for the B-1 Lions at Morrisburg on Friday evening. But they weren’t as good at the game.

        The Lions traded 1st-period goals with the visitors and added an unanswered pair in the middle frame for a 3-2 victory in front of goaltender Gage Brown. Brown’s late tart with the team has been a refreshing addition to say the least.

Keiren Geurkink opened the game scoring for South Dundas, beating Cole Walt in the Panthers net. Jaeden Shaver drew the assist on the counter. Jake Adjeleian tied the game immediately following the Geurkink goal.

Emytt Fetterley gave the Lons the lead to keep early in the second period when he fired the puck past Walt. Geurking and Jeff McPhail drew assists. Midway through the second frame Connor Thompson gave the Lions a 3-1 lead which eventually proved insurmountable for the Panthers.

       The final scoring opportunity of the game came when Chad Lackie beat Brown for the Panther’s second goal. Although Kemptville attempted to force a late attack on Brown’s cage, the Lions defence was up to the challenge, taking the 3-2 victory on the night.

        The B-1 House Midgets entertain the South Grenville Rangers on Wednesday, Nov. 7th in their upcoming home schedule, followed by the first of the season challenges versus the South Dundas Midget B-2 House Lions. Both games have an 8:00 p.m. start.

Panthers shut-out Lions 4-0 . . .

Lion's defender Grayce Janes takes out the Panther's shooter . . . .


Wednesday, Oct. 17th - Gauge Brown is a goaltender. Brown donned a South Dundas Lions jersey for the first time on Wednesday evening at Morrisburg Arena and although he didn’t register a “w” in his initial outing he did make a strong impression.

        The South Dundas Midget B-1 House entry dropped the game to the visiting Kemptville Panthers, a big, strong, fast team. The Lions are big and strong and fast too, but the difference in this game was that the visiting Panthers never stopped moving. And, of course, the constant parade in and out of the penalty box doesn’t do much to enhance performance.

        Kemptville scored a single in the opening period when Brown was beaten on a deflection. The panthers went up 2-0 in the middle frame and added a pair in the third period to win a shut-out victory over the Lions. ON the up side, in spite of facing ten power plays over the three periods the Lions penalty killing unit back by Brown allowed only one man advantage counter.

        South Dundas’ Midget C-1 Lions play their next home game on Wednesday, Nov. 7th, when the South Grenville Rangers come to Morrisburg Arena. The two teams are well matched, both seeking their first victory of this young season. Game time is 8:00 p.m.

Chargers double preseason game score . . .

Lions goaltender Owen Villeneuve had a lot of support from his defence in the first period of the game.


Wednesday, Oct. 10th - South Dundas’ Midget B-1 House entry hosted the Leeds Chargers to a preseason game at Morrisburg Arena on Wednesday evening and after taking a 2-0 lead fell to a 6-3 score after three periods. The team, without any goaltender to date, brought in the services of Bantam B Rep net minder Owen Villeneuve, a small but mighty presence if there ever was one.

        Following a scoreless opening period the Lions Jaeden Shaver opened the scoring seven minutes into the game from Raiden Foote and Jeff McPhail. Less than two minutes following Emmytt Fetterly beat Cole Hanna to put the home team

up 2-0 on an unassisted counter.

        The Chargers stormed back to tie the score before the end of the middle frame with Vincent Lecompte and Bronson Greaves each notching a single.

        The Lions defence fell apart in the final period and with wave after wave of offence on the part of the Chargers gave up four unanswered counters before scoring their third of the night with less than two minutes remaining. Owen Brisson had a pair while Jacob Adrian and Nathan Bell had singles for the Chargers. Connor Thompson finished a Keiran Geurkink attempt for the Lons last goal.

        The Midget B-  House Lions and all of the Minor Hockey teams open their regular season schedule later this week.