Panthers bounce back in shut-out win . . .

Josh Repple slips this past Lion's netminder McCooeye  - southdundasinbox file photo
Josh Repple slips this past Lion's netminder McCooeye - southdundasinbox file photo

Saturday, Mar. 24th - Saturday mornings are not the choice of the South Dundas Atom B Lions for a playoff game. While the effort was almost there the sharpness and scoring was still snoozing and the home team Kemptville Panthers cruised to a 4-0 shut-out victory in Game 2 of this final series.

        Lucas Booth scored the games only goal in the opening period when Wyatt Peterson and Owen Anderson set-up a scoring play for the 1-0 lead.

        The two teams traded scoring opportunities through the remainder of the 1st-period and through-out the middle period with neither goaltender giving an inch.

        The final frame saw Kemptville take over the game, scoring three unanswered counters for the 4-0 victory. Booth with his second, and Josh Repple and Wyatt Patterson with singles topped up the Panthers output. Dakota Copton, Logan Morrice, Brody Nichol, Booth and Owen Anderson all drew assists on the goals.

        The Lions host the Panthers in Game 3 at Cardinal on Sunday, Mar. 24th at 5:00  p.m.  and then back to Kemptville for Game 4 on Monday evening. Hockey fans are urged to come out and cheer on our Lions . . .

Atom B Lions draw opening two-points . . .

Kemptville Panther's Declan Lemieux thought he had Owen Conlin beaten on this play but Conlin poke-checked the puck out of harm's way. The Lion's netminder had a stellar outing in the first game of the final series on the way to the league title . . .
Kemptville Panther's Declan Lemieux thought he had Owen Conlin beaten on this play but Conlin poke-checked the puck out of harm's way. The Lion's netminder had a stellar outing in the first game of the final series on the way to the league title . . .

Tuesday, Mar. 20th - Fans got  exactly what they came out to see on Tuesday night at Morrisburg Arena when the South Dundas Atom B Lions hosted the Kemptville Panthers in the opening game of the final showdown for the league’s best Atom team. From the opening face-off the Lions were in charge, at times keeping the large contingent of fans on the edge of their seats for extended minutes, but throughout methodically moving the puck toward a victory.

        South Dundas’ big line of Kai Morrow, Chloe Cassleman and Jordan Elliott registered what may have been the prettiest goal of the season, eventually the winner, on a beautiful three-way play from centre ice in that included three on-the-tape passes and a quick wrist shot over Panther’s goaltender Kole Wollenschlager’s outstretched glove. Cassleman to Morrow to Elliott to Morrow to the twine in the back of the net. Even the Panther’s defencemen, with full smiles, acknowledged the play.


Asst. Coach Joe McCooeye and Head Coach Justin Elliott encourage their players between periods . . .
Asst. Coach Joe McCooeye and Head Coach Justin Elliott encourage their players between periods . . .

        For fans looking to see a lot of great scoring in this one, they did. All of it over a time of three minutes and thirty-seven seconds in the first period. The home team Lions scored three counters and the Panthers answered on a single. The balance of the game was a great display of no quit hockey, through to the final buzzer, without either team scoring another goal.

        Nick Carrothers opened the counting midway though the first period on a Brody Duncan break-out to Chloe Cassleman and lead to Carrothers who beat Wollenschlager cleanly for the 1-0 lead. The Lions went up 2-0 when Cassleman sent Morrow over the blue line and he and Jordan Elliott combined for the counter.

        The Panthers cut the home team lead to a single when Blake O’Brien wired a shot from the left side that was inadvertently tipped past Lion’s netminder Owen Conlin for the only Kemptville goal in this game. Jordan Elliott scored the final goal of the game, a beauty, with three minutes remaining in the 1st-period. Kai Morrow, who consistently puts it all on the ice, set up the play.

        The Lions head to Kemptville on saturday for Game 2 with the Panthers in this ‘first-to-5’ series with a puck-drop slated for 11:30 a.m.

Lions heading to league championships . . .

Lion's centre Nick Carrothers tries to slam the puck past Seth Adolf in the Brockville Braves net    - file photo
Lion's centre Nick Carrothers tries to slam the puck past Seth Adolf in the Brockville Braves net - file photo

Wednesday, Mar. 6th - The Atom B House Lions representing South Dundas are the first team representing the community to make the final round. As a bonus for fans, it would appear the season long, titanic like struggle to topple one another between the regular season, 1st-place finishing South Dundas Atom B House Lions and the Kemptville Atom B House Panthers was simply a prelude of better things to come.

        The Lions eliminated the Brockville Braves on Tuesday evening when Chase Alger fired the game winning goal in the final two minutes of the third period for South Dundas’ second win and points victory in the semi-final series. South Dundas had previously eliminated the Leeds Chargers in two games. The Lions are Championship series ready.

        The Kemptville Panthers hammered the South Grenville Rangers in the opening game of their semi-final round on a 5-1 score. They had eliminated the Smiths Falls Bears in the 1st-round. The second game of the semi-final on that side takes place at Cardinal Arena tonight at 6:30 p.m.

        Brody Duncan opened the scoring at Brockville on Tuesday evening with the only goal of the 1st-period when he picked off a Jake Thompson pass and beat Seth Adolf in the Braves cage.  The back and forth game between two teams bent on walking away with a victory was tied in the middle period when Jefferey Barrington beat Lion’s netminder Rowan McCooeye from close in.

        The game continued at a fast back and forth pace throughout the final period, up to the moment Lion's winger Chase Alger stole the puck and fired it past Adolf for the game winner.

        The first game of the final series will be announced following the close of the Kemptville-South Grenville series. Stay posted . . .

Atom B Lions score shut-out win in second round playoff action . . .

Lion's Chase Alger (#11-center) scores on the Braves Seth Adolf in Sunday's 1st-game of the second round, Atom B House semi-final playoff action. That's Nick Carruthers (Lion's sweater left) and Brody Duncan, far right . . .

Conlin runs Braves out of rink . . .

Lion's goaltender Owen Conlin . . .
Lion's goaltender Owen Conlin . . .

Sunday, Mar. 3rd - Goaltender Owen Conlin backstopped a hard checking Lions Atom B House team to their 1st-shutout-win in second round semi-final playoff action on Sunday afternoon at Morrisburg Arena against the visiting Brockville Braves. Conlin was sharp on several goal battles and a number of screened shots.  He was steady throughout, particularly in the final half of the third period when the Braves upped their attack trying to get on the board. The South Dundas netminder turned the visiting shooters away on every occasion.

        Worthy of comparable praise was the checking of the entire Lion's team, none of who stopped skating during the entire game. Jordan Elliott and Kai Morrow in particular, and added to the excellent defensive work by the Biemond cousins, Jake Thompson and Karie Casselman, the defensive strategy provided more opposition than the Brockville team could handle.

        The Lions won Sunday’s game on a 3-0 count, just days after eliminating the Leeds Chargers in the first round in two games. 

        Nick Carruthers put the Lions on the board late in the first period when he pounded a Joel Onstein shot and rebound past the Braves Seth Adolf for the opening goal in this one. Jordan Elliott, who put on a two-way hockey clinic for all of the players in this game, gave the Lions the 2-0 lead early in the middle period when Kai Morrow deftly maneuvered the Braves defenders away from the shooting lanes and laid the puck on Elliott’s stick. Elliott the shooter pulled the trigger.

        South Dundas’ Chase Alger took advantage of a lose puck in front of the Braves net late in the second and put the Lions up on a 3-0 score. Adolf had made the inititial save although he lost site of the puck. Alger however did see it and wasted no time in slipping it into the net. Carrothers drew the assist.

        The Lions travel to Brockville on Tuesday eveing for game two in this series. So stay posted . . . 

Lions eliminate Chargers, advance . . .

Wednesday, Feb 27th - The South Dundas Atom B House Lions eliminated the Leeds Chargers in their second meeting on Wednesday evening at Westport scoring a 3-1 victory. The Atom B Lions who closed their regular schedule in 1st-place will meet the regular season 3rd-place finishers, South Grenville Rangers in the second round at a date to be determined.

        After edging the Chargers at Morrisburg on a 2-1 score the Lions were first on the scoreboard in this game at Westport, scoring a single in the opening period and adding a pair in the final frame. Kai Morrow and Jordan Elliott combined for a 1-0 lead with Morrow beating the Chargers netminder, Cameron Cumpson for the early goal.

        Both teams worked through a tight checking middle period, a problem Jordan Elliott solved momentarily early in the final 15 minutes when he beat Cumpson for the 2-0 lead. Leah Biemond put up the assist. Orien Cowan cut the Lion’s lead, making a game of it late in the final period, but the Chargers faultered in allowing the Bazinet, Alger, McCurdy line an opportunity in the dying seconds. McCurdy fired the Lion’s third goal for the 3-1 lead, numbers the South Dundas team defended through the end of the game.

South Dundas wins game one . . .

Lions netminder Owen Conlin holds the fort against the Chargers Orien Cowan in the final period of the first round, first game playoff action. The Lions won the game at Morrisburg Arena on a 2-1 score.


Tuesday, Feb. 27th - Playing tough hockey is simply born into some young people. And the South Dundas Atom B Lions Jake Thompson is simply one of those kind of players. If you’re going to beat Mr. Thompson it's not going to be without challenges.

        In the opening game of the first playoff round for the 1st-place finishing Atom B Lions hosting the 8th-place Leeds Chargers, South Dundas’ Jake Thompson played the game as it was intended to be played. Tough, tough checking, never stop moving, and attack the opponents net. Thompson scored a single assist and served two minor infractions in the game, both of which announced to the visitors that his team was not easily intimidated.

        The relentless Lions, as a team, have been superb defensive specialists all season. They allowed a very stingy 34 goals over 28 games playing two-way hockey to score that 1st-place finish. And they repeated that kind of effort on Tuesday evening at Morrisburg Arena, edging the surprising Chargers on a 2-1 score. 

        South Dundas took a 1-0 opening period lead when Thompson roared into the Leeds zone, scored a rebound on a shot attempt and Mathieu Bazinet, who like the Montreal Canadiens Brendan Gallagher has mastered the ‘garbage goal’, batted the puck past Leed’s netminder Cameron Cumpson for the score.

        Throughout the middle period the Lions checking was so intense that fans sitting at the South Dundas end of the rink watched only the opposite end of the ice. Leeds was very shy on scoring opportunities while their goaltender, Cumpson, stood up like a brick wall between the pipes. It wasn’t until only 50 seconds remained in the period that the Lions managed to go up 2-0 when Joel Onstein relayed a great effort by Brody Duncan into a great goal.

        Opening the final period short-handed the Lions allowed a sloppy goal scored from well out, on a shot tipped just as netminder Owen Conlin was getting set to make the stop. And that appeared to be the single error of the period. South Dundas played their usual strong-checking, fast-skating. back-checking style and shut down a determined Chargers offence.

        As has been said over and over, playoff hockey is the start of a new season. The young players representing Leeds, who closed their regular season 31 points behind the 1st-place Lions, and who had scored a total of 34 goals in 28 games (the same number the Lions had allowed in 28 games) deserve a full compliment on the effort they showed in this game. Although South Dundas was never really in jeopardy of losing the opener, the Chargers put on a great show considering their regular season record.

        The two teams are scheduled for game 2 Wednesday evening in Westport with a 6:00 p.m. puck-drop.

1st-place decision going to final game . . .

Referee Alek Larocque breaks-up the jostling after a Panther's scoring attempt . . . southdundasinbox file photo
Referee Alek Larocque breaks-up the jostling after a Panther's scoring attempt . . . southdundasinbox file photo

Saturday, Feb. 16th - In the past week the Kemptville Panthers and the South Dundas Lions have been waging an all-out “take no prisoners” campaign to close their respective regular seasons with the 1st-place title. In fact, over the past week or so the two teams have met each other on each other’s home ice, each taking a 1-goal victory. And with a single game remaining in each of the respective regular season schedules, the two teams are deadlocked at 20 wins, 3-losses and 4-ties for 44 points each. 

        The South Dundas Lions are in 1st-place by virtue of accumulating fewer losses over the Panthers than Kemptville managed over South Dundas. The two teams played to a 3-3 draw on November 1st at Morrisburg; a 4-1 victory for the Lions on December 3rd; a 4-3 victory for South Dundas on February 14th; and a 3-2 victory for the Panthers on February 17th. The Lions meet the 5th-place North Dundas Demons in their final regular season game on Lion’s Day, in an 11:30 a.m. puck drop, Saturday, Feb. 23rd at Morrisburg Arena. The Panthers in their final regular season game, host the South Grenville Rangers in Kemptville on the same day, 4:00 p.m.

        On Saturday, Feb. 16th the Lions travelled to Westport to meet the last place Leeds Chargers and came home with a 2-0 victory. Jordan Elliott opened the game scoring in the 1st-period and Nick Carruthers closed the game scoring in the final period. Along the way affiliate Grayson Casselman, Chloe Casselman, Jake Thompson and Joel Onstein all notched a single assist.

        On Sunday afternoon South Dundas colors took the ice at Kemptville in what surely will be an eventual challenge for league supremacy. This game went to the spoilers and following, the top spot in league standings hung in a tie.

        The Panthers Wyatt Patterson opened the game scoring when he slipped the puck past Lion’s netminder Owen Conlin for a 1-0 lead. Kemptville doubled their output in the final minute of the 1st-frame on a Brady Nichol unassisted marker when he caught the Lions napping.

        South Dundas Lion’s affiliate Grayson Cassleman cut the Panther’s lead to a single goal with 5-minutes remaining in the third period when he and Jordan Elliott combined for a score. Two minutes later Nick Carruthers tied the game when he relayed a Jake Thompson break-out pass into a goal to tie the game.

        Joshua Ropple settled the outcome in the final two minutes when he beat the Lion’s defence and then beat Conlin for the final goal of the game on an outstanding rush and unassisted score. A 3-2 dying minutes, Panther’s victory.

      So that’s Lion’s Day, Saturday, Feb. 23rd at 11:30 a.m. - the deciding game(s) of the year for these two teams. Come on out and ROAR for your Lions!!!

Rifleman Elliott nets last minute winner . . .

The Rifleman, Jordan Elliott . . .
The Rifleman, Jordan Elliott . . .

Thursday, Feb. 14th - Hockey fans learned that games are won in slightly more than the blink of an eye on Thursday evening at Morrisburg Arena. In a remarkable comeback after falling behind on a 3-0 score in a game to determine 1st-place in the Atom B House division, the South Dundas Lions brought the fans to their feet with an amazing performance. 

        The visiting Kemptville Panthers B-1 squad, running neck and neck with the Lions throughout the current regular season, came to town sporting an identical record to that of their hosts. Eighteen wins, two losses and four ties. The Panthers came out of their bench on the fly in the opening period.

       Blake O’Brien and Wyatt Patterson combined to beat Lion's netminder Rowan McCooeye midway through the opening period for a 1-0 lead. And the Panthers were pouring it on. Lucas Booth hit Brody Nichol with a clean pass, sending him in on McCooeye for the second Panther’s counter and a 2-0 lead. Before the middle frame ended Owen Anderson lured the Lion’s defence to the left and slipped Joshua Ripple a feed to the right. Ripple beat the Lions for the third goal and what appeared to be an insurmountable lead. McCooeye was called on to face a relentless attack over the opening two periods and deserves all the credit for keeping the score within reach. He made a number of remarkable stops.

        Entering the final period the Lions upped their attack, pressing the Panther’s defence into their own zone. Connor McCurdy who played an exceptional game, put the polish on a Jake Thompson-Jordan Elliott set-up when he fired a rocket past Kole Wollenschiager to break the ice.

        Over the following one minute and 16 seconds Nick Carrothers wired a Brody Duncan pass into the Panther’s cage and Chase Alger slammed home a point shot and rebound from Jake Thompson to tie the game.

        The Lions had the opportunity to take advantage of a power play  in the final two minutes and slick Kai Morrow worked the puck in front of the Panther’s net, handing off to “The Rifleman” Jordan Elliott with 31 seconds remaining in the game. Elliott hit the bull’s eye and the Panther’s hit second place. The reigning Kings of the Atom division were once again the Lions.

        The Lions play two games over this weekend and one more game on Lion's Day, Feb. 23rd. They meet this same Kemptville team at Kemptville in one of those contests. Keep your fingers crossed.

Four games remain, 1st place available . . .

Lions Connor McCurdy, 8, cruises in to the edge of the crease for a tip-in in this file photo. McCurdy had a goal and an assist in the Lions most recent 3-1 win over the Brockville Braves . . . 


Sunday, Feb. 10th - South Dundas’ Atom B House team has grabbed 1st-place - momentarily - guaranteeing there is a showdown on the horizon. The Atom B House Lions are riding 18 wins on 24 games after Sunday’s 3-1 victory in Brockville. Their closest and only challenging rival, the Kemptville Panthers B-1 entry, has managed 17 wins on 23 games. They have five games remaining.

        The showdown:  The Lions remaining four regular season games include two meetings with the Panthers. Home and home, Feb. 12th at Morrisburg Arena at 6:00 p.m. and Feb. 17th at Kemptville at 10 a.m. Promising barnburners - both of them. It would be hard to find two teams more evenly matched. And two gangs of youngsters who are as competitive.  The Lions hold the hammer with a victory and a tie against the Panthers. The victory coming on Kemptville's home ice.

        South Dundas faces 4th-place North Dundas and last place Leeds in closing their regular season schedule. Kemptville faces 3rd-place South Grenville twice, the Lions twice, and 6th-place Smiths Falls in ending their 2018-19 schedule.

        At Brockville on Sunday afternoon the Lions cruised through three periods scoring a goal in each while their hosts notched a single counter in the middle period. The Lions’ league leading netminders, Rowan McCooeye and Owen Conlin, who have combined to allow a minescule 28 goals against over 24 games, (McCooeye in this one), continue their stingy performances.

        Noah Beimond scored the opening goal in this contest, set up by Connor McCurdy to beat Seth Adolf in the Braves net. Chase Alger doubled the Lions lead on an unassisted counter midway through the second period and McCurdy snapped in a Jordan Elliott pass for the Lons 3rd-goal of the game. The Lions were called on a pair of minor infractions and the home team Braves served a single minor.

Lions are kind to Braves in 2-0 victory . . .

Saturday, Jan. 26th - The top four teams in the Upper Canada Minor Hockey League Novice B division are 9-points apart. Most of the teams have between seven and nine games remaining in the regular season schedule. Kemptvile B-1 is out in front by 6-points after 20 games with a hefty 17 wins and a pair of ties for 36 points. South Dundas is in 2nd-place with 30 points, Kemptville B-2 is 3rd with 29 points and North Dundas is in 4th-spot with 27 points. All eight of the teams in the division are in the opening playoff round, including South Grenville and Brockville with just five points each.

        On Saturday at Morrisburg Arena the South Dundas Atom B Lions had ample opportunity to humiliate the under accomplished Braves (one win in 21 games) but as has been the case with much of the South Dundas Minor Hockey program, gave what was required for the victory and left the rest to their visitors. Brockville did not score a goal.

        Brockville’s Seth Adolf may have recorded the most goals against of any other netminder in the league, but this young man is game for each and every shot. He can kick and roll and spin and recover with the best of them, and he has a good glove hand. He held off the Lions, aided by a gung-ho defence, through the two opening periods, succumbing to a flashy Jordan Elliott winning goal set up by a just as flashy Nick Carruthers midway through the final period. 

        The Lion’s won the game on a 2-0 count, another shut-out for Owen Conlin and the second goal scored by Noah Beimond, the Lion’s crafty defenseman.

        South Dundas plays their next home game, their 2nd-lastr of the season, on Tuesday, Feb. 12th at 6:00 p.m.versus the 1st-place Kemptville Panthers B-1 squad. This challenge will be an excellent play-off preview and just could be the game of the year.

Atom B Lions sharing top spot . . .

Atom B House winners Katie Casselman who scored the only goal and netminder Rowan McCooeye who registered a shut-out in the game that moved the South Dundas Lions into a 1st-place tie with the Kemptville B-1 Panthers . . .     


Thursday, Jan. 25th - South Dundas’ Atom B Lions have moved into a tie for 1st-place with the Kemptville Panthers B-1 squad in their Upper Canada Minor Hockey League division. The Lions hosted the 3rd-place South Grenville Rangers in an extremely tight-checking game on Thursday evening at Morrisburg Arena before a growing crowd of hockey fans, near all of who were out to cheer on the blue and gold.

        The Lions and the Panthers have each played 22 games, have each won 16 contests, lost four and tied two. Kemptville has scored 70 goals and allowed 34 goals against. The Lions have scored 63 goals and backed by a strong goaltending duo in Owen Conlin and Rowan McCooeye, have allowed a miniscule 27 goals against. Less than two per game.

       Six games remain in the Lions regular season schedule, two of them are a home and home showdown with the Panthers. Two more are against 4th-place Brockville, one against North Dundas and one in Westport visiting the last place Leeds Chargers. 

        South Dundas’ team is coming together at the perfect time of the year. A defence that over the season has developed into a smooth working unit led by Noah Beimond. Katie Cassleman’s presence on the blue line has come a long way and a vastly improved mobility and use of size and strength has brought her into every fan’s eye. Two way player Brody Duncan and the steady Jake Thompson are very strong and the smooth skating Leah Beimond in her first go with the Atoms is a developing talent who will be missed next season.  

Leah Beimond covers up with goaltender McCooeye . . .
Leah Beimond covers up with goaltender McCooeye . . .


       Up front the Lions are led by a host of players deemed dangerous around any opposing net. Mathieu Bazinet and Chase Alger work diligently every time on the ice and they have impressive stats to show for it. Nick Carruthers, Joel Onstein are sluggers up and down the ice and linemate Connor McCurdy knows where to be when these two dig the puck out of either corner. Rookie McCurdy has a nose for the net and an accurate shot.

        Sniper Jordan Elliott and one of minor hockey’s smartest players, Kai Morrow, round out the Atom B House Lions. Any one or all of this trio are a treat to watch play the game. Elliott can dance around the best of them when the puck is bouncing his way, and when he isn’t blessed with a bounce his work ethic is more than admirable. 

        Following discovery of her scoring ability Chloe Casselman has become aggressive around the visiting crease in recent games, bringing a size and strength to the show that resulted in her scoring the only goal of the game on Thursday evening. Elliott and Morrow, who hadn’t had a bounce all night,  were diligent in attempting to gain control of the puck in front of the Rangers net. Three South Grenville players were defending netminder Daniel Leeman, who put in an outstanding performance for the visitors.

        Elliott saw Casselman cruising in from the top of the slot and slid the puck her way. With her eyes never leaving their intended target Chloe snapped a wrist shot low to the right open corner with three minutes remaining in the middle period. 

        Both teams had opportunities to score in the final period and both goaltenders were in the game until the final buzzer, turning all of those away.

        The Lions play on Saturday, Jan. 26th at Morrisburg, hosting the Brockville Braves at 11:30 a.m. On Tuesday, Feb. 12th South Dundas hosts the Kemptville Panthers B-1 team in a 6:00 p.m. start at Morrisburg Arena. Then on Sunday, Feb. 17th the Lions travel to Kemptville to visit the B-1 Panthers in their home rink. The final game of the regular season is in Morrisburg on Feb. 23rd when the North Dundas Demons come to town for an 11:30 a.m. puck drop.

        If you enjoy minor hockey, this is one of a host of teams the South Dundas Minor Hockey Association has making a run into the playoffs this season.

Play here Thursday evening and Saturday morning . . .

Lions drop tourney final in overtime . . .

Sunday, Jan. 20th - The South Dundas Minor Hockey Association’s Atom B House team came within a goal of winning the annual Long Sault Atom B Tournament over the past weekend. And an overtime goal at that.

 South Dundas Lions 2 - Canterbury 1

       The Lions opened their run at the trophy in Game One against the Canterbury entry, taking a 1-0 lead in the middle period, allowing their opponents to tie the score and then winning the game in the final 15 minutes.

        Jordan Elliott fired an unassisted marker past Sacha Perotic in the Canterbury net and Zach Huneault-McKinnon beat the Lion’s netminder Rowan McCooeye closing the middle frame in a tie at one each.

        Early in the final period Noah Beimond worked the puck into the Canterbury zone, hit Connor McCurdy with a clean set-up and McCurdy was quick to bend the Canterbury twine with the winning goal.

South Dundas Lions 3 - South Stormont Selects 0

        In game two on the day the Lions came out firing against the South Stormont Selects goaltender Steve Kofinas, managing to beat the talented netminder for a goal in each period. Owen Conlin, playing in the South Dundas net, registered a shut-out in this one.

        Jordan Elliott scored in each of the first two periods, the opening goal from the speedy Brody Duncan midway through the frame and the second at almost exactly the same time of the middle period on an unassisted effort.

        Mathieu Bazinet topped the Lion’s scoring at three early in the final period when he beat Kofinas on an unassisted counter for the 3-0 victory.

South Dundas Lions 2 - NGS Braves 2

        Game three provided an opportunity for hockey fans to view two exceptional teams go head to head, battling to a 0-0 tie after one period, a 1-1 tie following two periods and a game closing 2-2 tie following regulation time. Katie Casselman and Chase Alger led the Lions through this game, each with a singel goal and Alger notched the assist on the Casselman counter. Alger’s goal was scored unassisted.

        Cooper Rolland was the singular Selects player to beat McCooeye in the Lions net. He scored a pair of unassisted markers for NGS.

South Dundas Lions 4 - St. Isidore Aigles 0

        After tying their third game the Lions came out in the semi-final prepared to show they were capable of taking their colors into the final. And unfortunately for the St. Isidore Aigles, Owen Conlin was at the top of his game, earning a second straight shut-out in the South Dundas net.

        The two teams went scoreless in the first period. Affiliate Brenna McCooeye fired the winning goal and Jake Thompson scored an insurance marker in the middle stanza, followed by Chase Alger and Connor McCurdy combining for a pair in the third frame.

        Chase Alger set up McCooeye’s game opening goal and Jordan Elliott handed Jake Thompson the pass for the 2-0 lead goal. Mathieu Bazinet drew the assist on the Alger counter to make it a 3-0 score and Elliott returned and fed McCurdy the puck for the 4-0 victory.

NGS Braves 2 - South Dundas Lions 1

        After drawing a 2-2 tie in their opening round game meeting with the NGS Braves the South Dundas Lions came within a whisker of taking the tournament trophy, only to be denied in overtime on a goal by the Braves ace, Cooper Rolland.

        Alexander Mafta scored the first goal of the game midway through the second period when he combined with Maisie Germain for a 1-0 counter against the Lion’s McCooeye. Early in the middle period Jordan Elliott intercepted a pass, broke in and beat Landon McIntosh to tie the score on an unassisted goal.

        McCooeye vacated the Lion’s cage with teammate Owen Conlin taking over for the second half and the looming overtime frame. Six minutes into the extended period Rowan Smith hit the Braves Rolland with a breaking pass and the Brave's always dangerous scorer snapped the puck behind Conlin for the sudden death victory.

Come out and watch this team . . .

        The 2nd-place Atom B Lions host the 3rd-place South Grenville Rangers at Morrisburg Arena on Thursday evening in a 6:00 p.m. start, then on Saturday host the 4th-place Brockville Braves at the Lion’s den in an 11:30 a.m. start. The Lions are attempting to move ahead of the front-running Kemptville Panthers who hold 1st-place on 36 points over 22 games. South Dundas has a game in hand, and are two points back of the division leaders.

Lions and Panthers clawing at title . . .

Monday, Jan. 7th - The South Dundas Atom B House Lions and the Kemptville Atom B-1 House Panthers are going at it claw and fang in a race for the league title. They've been battling all season, each having a run at the top. Currently the Panthers hold 1st-place, four points up on the Lions. And the Lions, in turn, are holding two games in hand on the Panthers. 

        In a sampling of all that's to come the Lions travelled to Kemptville on Monday evening where they posted a 2-2 tie with the home team Panthers. The Lions took a 1-0 lead late in the opening period. The Panthers came back midway through middle period and tied the score. Six minutes remained in the third period when the Panthers took the lead. and with just less than two minutes remaining in the final period the Lions, on a power play, tied the game at two each. While the parents sat back and took a rest the grand parents popped nitro hits to calm the heart beat. 

        Chase Alger fired the opening goal of the game when Mathieu Bazinet laid up an opportunity for the Lions. The Panther's following pair of counters both came from the stick of Ashton Hiller, both times set up by Brody Snowdon. The last goal of the game, the tying marker for the Lions, came from the high-speed razzle dazzle Lion's line of Carruthers, Morrow and Elliott with Carruthers netting the goal.

        Both Lion's goals were scored on the power play, the only two penalties called against the Panthers. The Lions successfully defended the Panther's lone power play opportunity in the middle period.

        On Thursday Jan. 24th, Saturday, Jan. 26th and Sunday, Jan. 27th the Lions play at Morrisburg Arena in what's going to be some heart-ponding action, hosting the 3rd-place South Grenville Rangers on the 24th, the 5th-place Brockville Braves on the 26th, and the 1st-place Kemptville Panthers on the 27th. Mark your calendars, the lid's gonna blow off this run . . . 

Atom B Lions roll over Chargers . . .

Chase Alger wires this backhand shot past Leed's goaltender Cameron Cumpson in the second period  . . .


Sunday, Jan. 6th - South Dundas’ Atom B Lions rolled over the Leeds Chargers with little effort on Sunday afternoon at Morrisburg Arena. The Lions opened the scoring in the first period, went up 2-0 in the middle frame and closed with a pair in the final period of a game that saw affiliate players Brenna McCooeye and Grayson Casselman dressed for the locals. 

        Nick Carruthers was the first to hit the scoresheet and the visitor’s net with a shot from in tight for the 1-0 Lion’s lead. Joel Onstein drew the assist on the play.

        In the second period Connor McCurdy snared a clearing pass at the blue line and worked in the right side for a shot. Chase Alger picked off the rebound and backhanded the puck past Charger’s net minder Cameron Cumpson for a 2-0 lead.

        Carter Brown scored the lone Leed’s goal one minute following Alger’s counter when he snapped a Carter Watts pass over the outstretched arm of Lion’s goaltender Owen Conlin to cut the South Dundas lead to a single.

        The Lions were the only scorers in the final frame with defenceman Noah Beimond scoring on an unassisted rush. Grayson Casselman fired the final goal of the game when he snapped up a rebound, faked and unleashed a perfect shot to the far side of Cumpson for the 4-1 victory.

         The Lion’s next home game will be Thursday, Jan. 24th at 6:00 p.m. when the South Grenville Rangers come to town.

Bears take a Christmas chomp of Lions . . .

Lions defence Beimond and Casselman surrounds Nate McLean on this scoring attempt . . .
Lions defence Beimond and Casselman surrounds Nate McLean on this scoring attempt . . .

Sunday, Dec. 24th - An abundance of Christmas Ho Ho was delivered to the Morrisburg Arena on Sunday afternoon and the Smiths Falls Bears dumped it all on the front running South Dundas Lions Atom B House team. The cheer came in the form of the 7th-place Bears running up and down the ice with the high-flying Lions throughout an exciting first period that ended in a 3-3 tie. But the Bears had saved enough for the remainder of the game and the Lions tank was empty save Rowan McCooeye who was performing some Christmas magic of his own between the South Dundas pipes.

And when the defence couldn't stop McLean, McCooeye the goaltender did . . .
And when the defence couldn't stop McLean, McCooeye the goaltender did . . .

        The Lions were fortunate too to have access to a couple of seasonal bright stars brought in to replace sick and travelling regulars in Novice defenceman Brenna McCooeye and Novice sniper Grayson Casselman. The presence of Brenna McCooeye in any game is becoming well known in minor hockey circles and her diminutive physical presence does little to hide her willingness to give and take, be it the puck or the body (or when challenged, the stick) causing some opposing players a fatal hesitation in their bid to attack the Lions cage.

        Grayson Casselman needs little introduction at either level. He is a zoned in, hockey talented, exceptional skater who can stick-handle with the best and possesses a shot that if not topping in heat, is certainly more accurate than most. He scored the Lions first two goals in the 4-3 loss. Nick Carruthers added South Dundas’ third counter.

        For the Bears the opening period goals were scored by Nate McLean, Nolan McNeil and Colton Webster. The winning counter, scored late in the middle period was notched by Isaac Drummond from Cohen Rogers and McLean.

        The Lions retain 1st place, momentarily at least, through the Christmas break, with the Kemptville Panthers B-1 House in extremely close pursuit. The Lions are back on the ice for a 6-game January run starting with the basement dwelling Leeds Chargers on Sunday, Jan. 6th at 1:00 p.m. at Morrisburg Arena.

Rowan McCooeye kicks out a pad to guard against this corner shot . . .
Rowan McCooeye kicks out a pad to guard against this corner shot . . .

Atom B Lions are in it to win it . . .

Thursday, Dec. 13th - The South Dundas’ Atom B House Lions squad continues to dominate their Upper Canada Minor Hockey division, riding 1st-place with a game in hand over the 2nd-place Kemptville Panther’s B-1 House entry. Both teams are sporting 27 points as of this post, although the Panther’s have played one more game than have the Lions.

        On Thursday evening at Morrisburg Arena the Panthers B-2 packed up their gear and headed back up the road on a 5-1 loss to their hosts. For the Lions sweater #3 (Kai Morrow), sweater #4 (Jordan Elliott) and sweater #5 (Nick Carruthers) each notched a pair of points.

        Elliott opened the game scoring from Morrow and Jake Thompson to kick off the evening, a goal that was followed by an unassisted effort on the part of Nick Carruthers to give the Lions a 2-0 1st-period lead.

        Second period action saw the Panthers record a single goal from the stick of Carson Forbes. Unfortunately the Lions netted a pair, again from Elliott, with a Morrow assist, and Carruthers with his second of the game, unassisted.

        Early in the final period the Lions secured a 5-1 lead on the work of Chase Alger, unassisted, the final goal by either team in this game. Goaltender Rowan McCooeye, who shares net-minding duties with teammate Owen Conlin, was in net for the Lions in this one.

         Two days before Christmas the Atom B House Lions meet the Smiths Falls Bears at Morrisburg Arena, on Sunday, Dec. 23rd in a 2:00 p.m. puck-drop.

Jordan Elliott records unbelievable feat . . .

Jordan Elliott, a pure goal scorer . . .
Jordan Elliott, a pure goal scorer . . .

Sunday, Dec. 9th - Matieu Bazinet scored the only assist in the game on Sunday afternoon at Morrisburg Arena. Unbeknownst to Bazinet, he initiated an unbelievable scoring show staged by the South Dundas Atom’s team Captain and sniper, Jordan Elliott. The Lion’s Captain and top scorer fired a natural hat-trick in just 46 seconds in the 1st-period of the game, scoring his first at 9:28 of the opening period and scoring his third at 8:42 of the same frame. Two of the goals were unassisted. 

        Unfortunately, we have no way of comparing this statistic to past scoring sprees by players on area teams and in area leagues, but we do believe it would be a tough act to match, and near impossible surpass. Specifically by a single player.

        The South Dundas Atom B House Lions have moved four points up on their nearest rivals in the race to the finish line for the 2018-19 regular season. After 15-games the Lions are comfortable with 11 wins and three ties for a 1st-place at 25 points. The team leads the division in ‘goals for’ with 45 markers. The shared goal-tending of Rowan McCooeye and Owen Conlin have a considerable lead in the ‘goals against’ mark at 1.2 per contest, and the players have served less than two penalties per game.

        Following a busy week the Lions hosted the last place Leeds Chargers to a game on Sunday afternoon at Morrisburg, scored three counters in the opening period, Elliott's performance,  and then settled back and worked on their defence. The Chargers gave them a bit of a scare in scoring two goals in the middle period and shutting down the South Dundas team in the final fifteen minutes. Great defence on their part.

        Carter Watts and Orien Cowan scored the Chargers goals in the 3-2 loss. The Leeds team has recorded a single victory in their 16 outings and have added three points on ties.

        The Lions return to Morrisburg Arena on Thursday, Dec. 13th at 6:00 p.m. when the 7th-place Kemptville B-2 Panthers come to town.

South Dundas owns 1st-place for now . . .

Lion's Jordan Elliott (red helmet) flips this shot over the shoulder of Panther's netminder Will Treynor in a 4-1 victory . . .
Lion's Jordan Elliott (red helmet) flips this shot over the shoulder of Panther's netminder Will Treynor in a 4-1 victory . . .

Monday, Dec. 3rd - The red hot stick of Jordan Elliott led South Dundas on Monday evening in Kemptville as the visiting Atom B Lions put any challenge of their 1st-place standing to rest. Well, temporarily to rest at least. 

        Going into this game the Lions and the Panthers were tied at 19 points each. The Panthers actually were the favored long shot opportunity to surge ahead having a game in hand. But the Lions had other ideas. Namely an impressively solid team effort, an affiliate in the line-up who is a league-wide known combatant who refuses to quit, and the scoring sense of Jordan Elliott. Which equals a 4-1 victory for South Dundas.

        The Lion’s defensive play was outstanding in this game, swarming the opposition on every scoring chance and shutting down the high-flying Panthers before they could get a great opportunity organized. When the home team did get into scoring range the Lion’s net-minder, Rowan McCooeye who after allowing a soft one early in the game, shut-out the Panthers. These same Panthers boast the third highest “goals for’ stat in the 8-team league.

Leah Beimond and Brenna McCooeye with their game pucks . . .
Leah Beimond and Brenna McCooeye with their game pucks . . .

  After Kemptville charged into the visitors zone early in the opening frame Kai Morrow was quick to jump on a clearing opportunity, out skating the Kemptville defence to the puck and beating netminder Will Treynor for the game’s first counter. Linemates Chloe Cassleman and Jordan Elliott drew assists on the goal. 

        Less than a minute later the Panthers slipped into the Lion’s zone and Joshua Ropple whistled a low, well screened wrist shot to the far post, beating McCooeye for the first and last time in this game. 

        Jordan Elliott scored the single goal in the middle period of this one, slapping a bouncing puck out of the air in a goal mouth battle, up and over Treynor for the lead the Lions would not relinquish.

        Riding a 2-1 head-start the Lions battled the Panthers  back and forth through the second and last periods, the visitors from South Dundas patiently awaiting their opportunity to add to the goal count. It didn’t take long.

        The Panthers attempted to push their offence and Elliotts fleet-footed style saw him intercept a pass at center ice and race in on Treynor to score the 3rd Lion’s goal. This time unassisted.

        Late in the contest, with the clock approaching the final minute, the Lions secured the puck again, Chase Alger hit Elliott with a pass at the Panther’s blueline, Elliott relayed the play to the stick of Nick Carruthers, and Carruthers shared in the scoring glory, beating Treynor cleanly for the final goal of the game.

        Leah Beimond and Brenna McCooeye scored the Lion(s) of the Game awards for their outstanding efforts in this one. Fans haven’t heard the last of these Panthers this season. Kemptville holds a game in hand, and sitting 2-points back in second place they are hot to pursue the Lions through to the end of the regular season schedule. The two teams meet in a Jan. 10th and 13th home and home long weekend standoff which will most likely settle the first place finish. South Grenville, who currently holds 3rd-place, can’t be counted out of the possibility. They might even be the spoiler. 

        The Lions next meet the Leeds Chargers in a home game at Morrisburg Arena on Sunday, Dec. 9th at 1:00 p.m.

Please excuse the photo-quality on this game. The lighting over the Kemptville Arena ice surface is poor . . .

Lions settle for 2-2 tie on Demon's Day . . .

Sunday, Dec. 2nd - Settling for a 2-2 tie on their host’s Demon's Day at Winchester could be trouble for the 1st-place South Dundas Lion Peewee B House squad. That tie, and a meeting coming up at the time of this post against the 2nd-place Kemptville B-1 House Panthers in Kemptville on Monday evening could see the home team Panthers take-over the top spot in league standings.

        On Sunday afternoon at Winchester the Atom B Lions scored  a pair of second period goals but couldn’t manage to beat Demon's goaltender Chase Culbert in the first of third periods. The home team Demons fired a single in the second frame and added the tying marker in closing period for the single game point.

        Alex Miller opened the game scoring before a standing-room-only crowd at Joel Steele Arena in this portion of the Demon’s Day program. Miller’s goal was unassisted. Jordan Elliott followed that with a Chase Alger set-up goal to tie the game before the period ended.

        Late in the final period Miller returned with his second counter, this time assisted by linemates Luke Geurts and RJ Young to put the Demons up by one. As the clock wound down the Lion's Elliott roared in from the blueline and beat Culbert for the tying goal. The Lions-Demons game was called with more than two minutes remaining on the game clock, a contest in which the visitors enjoyed a 23-18 edge in shots on goal. 

        The Lions host the Leeds Chargers on Sunday, Dec. 9th in a 1:00 p.m. start at Morrisburg Arena.

Clean score sheet says a lot . . .

Lions Kai Morrow, #3, stretches to beat the Braves netminder Seth Adolf on Thursday night at Morrisburg Arena . . .


Thursday, Nov. 30th - There is a major battle brewing on the Atom B House front. As minor hockey peaks at mid season and the teams initiate planning for a playoff inclusion and run for the last man standing trophy, there is some unbelievably exciting action awaiting fans at all of the Upper Canada Minor Hockey League participant arenas. There may even be some extra oomph for your admission fee at the Brockville Braves and South Dundas Lions’ arenas.

        The Braves and our 1st-place Lions have met twice to date this season, both games in the past week. The most recent was on Thursday evening at Morrisburg Arena where an outstanding back and forth checking contest took up the entirety of the 50 minute outing.  And nary a goal was scored.

        There are no recorded goals, assists or penalties on the score sheet from this game. As it turned out there isn’t much better proof that the league is competitive at this level. Those who give their time to minor hockey deserve to be commended for the obvious results. Six of the eight teams in the division could be dangerous competition on any given night.

        The tie on Thursday night gives the Braves the edge, Brockville having won the first contest and the Lions suffering their first defeat of the season last week at Brockville on a 3-1 note. BUT, and it is a but to consider, the Lions have two more cracks at their most recent nemesis getting in the way to the regular season championship. Sixteen games remain on the schedule for this eight team division. Two of those will be meetings with the Braves and those will be an indication of what will come at playoff time. On January 20th the Lions host the Braves at Morrisburg in a 1:00 p.m. match and then return to Brockville for their final meeting of the regular schedule for a 10 a.m. match on February 10th.

        Not to be forgotten in this mix are the Panthers and the Rangers from Kemptville and South Grenville respectively. The Lions have bounced the Rangers 4-2 and 4-0 in their first two meetings, and they have tied Kemptville 1 at Morrisburg on November 1st on a 3-3 count. A lot can change over a month. Our boys will know following this weekend as they meet the Panthers at Kemptville on Monday, Dec. 3rd at 6:30 p.m.

        The Atom B House division is icing the best hockey entertainment a fan could ask for. If you have a favored team it is edge-of-your-seat nerve racking, tense, blood-pressure-raising excitement no doctor in their right mind would recommend. This level of hockey brings out the deepest in us-against-them cheering, the thick-in-the-air controversy on every call by the officials, and the all out effort by these very young Lions, future stars at more competitive levels, including future coaches and managers.

        Mark your calendars, Sunday, January 20th at 1:00 p.m. It’s our Lions against their Panthers, on the road to the final.

        The Atom B Lions have two games scheduled for this weekend, including a meeting with the Demons at Winchester on Sunday and their match with the Panthers on Monday. Their next home game will be on Sunday, Dec. 9th at 1:00 p.m. when they host the Leeds Chargers at 1:00 p.m.

Roaring Lions silenced by Braves . . .

Sunday, Nov. 25th - Jaccob Hodgwerf led the 4th-place Brockville Braves Atom B House team to victory over the front-running South Dundas Lions on Sunday afternoon at Brockville.  Hodgwerf scored in each of the three periods, the last on an unassisted counter to post the 3-1 victory over the previously undefeated Atom squad from South Dundas.

        That’s not all! Hockey fans are going to get to see the two teams go at it again on Thursday evening at Morrisburg.

        Braves defenceman Preston Brown hit Jaccob Hodgwerf’s tape with a pass late in the first period and the sniper fired the puck past netminder Owen Conlin for the game’s first goal. Chase Alger returned the scoring favor for the Lions. Four minutes remained in the middle period when Alger stole the puck, moved in on an unassisted effort and fired one past the Braves Seth Adolf to tie the game. Just prior to the close of the period the Brown/Hodgwerf combination lit the goal light once again, giving the Braves back the 2-1 advantage going into the final period.

        Hodgwerf scored the insurance marker three minutes into the third on an unassisted play when he zipped one by Conlin with nine minutes remaining. Brockville sat out the single minor infraction called in this game.

        The Atom B Rep Lions host the same Braves at Morrisburg Arena on Thursday, Nov. 29th in a 6:00 p.m. puck drop. This Atom hockey may be the most exciting of all the current minor divisions. It is, give the age of these players, incredibly fast and skilled, and it is top notch entertainment on any night. That puck drop again, is 6:00 p.m. on Thursday . . . see you there . . .

Bears no match for high scoring Lions . . .

After their game on Sunday the Atom B Lions pose with their team sponsor Jimmy, from Jimmy's Restaurant in Ingleside . . .

Sunday, Nov. 18th - The league’s front running South Dundas Atom B Lions required less than two periods to retire the score keepers task of recording goals on Sunday afternoon at Morrisburg Arena. Along the way they ran all over the Smiths Falls Bears. 

        Working as smoothly as a performance machine the Lion's passing and free-wheeling attack on Sunday was a display of finesse, near all of the 50-minute game played in the visitors zone. Carter Robertson-VanDusen, playing in goal for the Bears, had his work cut out for him throughout, and turned away as many as five shots for every one that got by him.

        It was the perfect day to have invited the Lion’s team sponsor, and owner of Jimmy’s Diner in Ingleside (right across the road from Kraft). Jimmy saw that he was backing a talented team of hard working hockey players who are not only undefeated, but lead in every category in the standings. Jimmy Dingwall and his wife Vicki sponsored both of the Atom teams this season and provided each a set of practice sweaters.

        The Lions scorers included Jordan Elliott with a hat trick, Kai Morrow with a goal and an assist, Chloe Casselman with a hat trick of assists, Chase Alger and Noah Beimond (a real beauty from the point) with singles, and single assists to Leah Beimond, Connor McCurdy, Matieu Bazinet and Katie Casselman.

        Nate McLean scored the lone goal for the Bears with the assist going to Taidyn Graham.

        The Lions host the Brockville Braves in their next home game, Thursday, Nov. 29th at 6:00 p.m.

Atom B's double Rangers on 4-2 note . . .

The Rangers Pearl Hare is stopped by Owen Conlin on this scoring attempt . . .


Thursday, Nov. 15th - The South Dundas Lions Atom B team continues to hold 1st-place in the league standings.  As the statistics show they have the greatest scoring power and the best goal tending, and they seem to get better each game out.

        Playing against the 3rd-place South Grenville Rangers on Thursday night at Morrisburg Arena the Lion’s deadliest duo, Kai Morrow and Jordan Elliott, rattled the twine twice each to lead the club to their 8th-victory in nine games. 

        Morrow opened the scoring when winger Katie Casselman picked off a pass attempt by the Rangers and hit Morrow's tape perfectly for the 1-0 lead. Jordan Elliott made it 2-0 when he carried a long run through the South Grenville defence and beat Daniel Leeman in the Rangers net.


Connor McCurdy handed the puck . . .
Connor McCurdy handed the puck . . .

        The Rangers scored before the period ended when Grady O’Neil let a wrist shot go from the top of the hash-marks that beat Owen Conlin on an unassisted play. The two teams broke with the promise of a great 3rd-period.

        The promise proved perfect as Elliott made it 3-1 early in the final period scoring his second unassisted counter. Less than a minute elapsed before Morrow was back with a beauty, this time from Elliott, giving the Lions a commanding 4-1 lead. Two minutes later the Rangers arrested any thoughts of a run-away when Pearl Hare pounded the pack past the Lion’s net minder Owen Conlin to leave the score at 3-2. Cayden Aikens was credited with the assist on the Hare marker. Neither team scored in the final six minutes of the game and neither team was called on an infraction throughout this contest.

        Connor McCurdy scored the Player of the Game puck for his constant effort, passing and team play in this game.

        The South Dundas Atom B Lions are a great team to watch play the game. The perfect age where the game is making sense and the players are experimenting with some great passing and scoring plays. And serving up some that aren't so great, but could be promising. This team plays their next home game at Morrisburg on Sunday, Nov. 18th, at 1:00 p.m.

Lions add to standings lead over Bears . . .

Mathieu Bazinet nicked the Player of the Game puck for his performance at Smiths Falls on Wednesday evening . . .
Mathieu Bazinet nicked the Player of the Game puck for his performance at Smiths Falls on Wednesday evening . . .

Wednesday, Nov. 14th - The Atom B Lions continue their winning ways, leading the division in the Upper Canada Minor Hockey League and have added two more points to their total Wednesday evening of this week. This time around the Smiths Fall Bears fell victim to the leaders on a 3-1 note at Smiths Falls.

        The Lions have seven wins and a tie in eight games to date for 15 points, giving them a healthy and growing lead over 2nd-place Kemptville, who are four points back on four wins and three ties.

        Nick Carruthers opened the game scoring at Smiths Falls when he completed a Jake Thompson scoring attempt for the counter. Neither team managed to score in the middle frame but midway through the final period Colton Webster notched a marker behind the Lion’s Rowan McCooeye to tie the game.

        Kai Morrow needed less than a minute to give the Lions back the lead when he beat Alexandre Abe in the Bear’s net with Katie Casselman drawing the assist. One minute later Mathieu Bazinet fired the Lion’s third goal past Aube for the 3-1 victory when Connor McCurdy initiated a three way play with Chase Alger and Bazinet.

        The Lions served a pair of minor penalties late in the middle period while the Bears were called on a single minor infraction in the third period. 

        The Atom B Lions return to Morrisbrg Arena for a home game on Sunday, Nov. 18th at 1:00 p.m. when these same Bears roll into the den.

Lions dump Panthers B-2 entry . . .

Katie and Chloe "The Casselman Twins" with their Hard Workers of the Game pucks . . .
Katie and Chloe "The Casselman Twins" with their Hard Workers of the Game pucks . . .

Saturday, Nov. 3rd - Noah Beimond led his teammates with a pair of goals on a victory run over the Kemptville B-2 Panthers at Kemptville on Saturday. Beimonds duo of counters wrapped around a single by Jordan Elliott gave the Lions yet another two point game in their run to retain the league lead in UCMHL standings.

        Currently the Lions have recorded a pair of ties and the balance victories, and they lead the league in scoring. Just as interesting, this team has recorded only two minor penalties in six outings.

      Beimond opened the scoring midway through the first period when he beat Panther’s goaltender Owen VanSanten with Jordan Elliott and Kai Morrow drawing assists. Later in the same period it was Elliott who notched the Lion’s second goal when he beat VanSanten from Morrow and Chloe Casselman.

        Second period action saw the Panthers come back with a pair of goals with Liam Desjardins and Jack Johnson managing to tie the game, beating Owen Conlin between the Lion’s pipes.  Beimond gave the Lions the lead very late in the middle period when he scored with four seconds remaining for a 3-2 count on a Nick Carruthers set-up.

        VanSanten and Conlin took over the spotlight in the final 20-minutes when neither team scored simply because the two goaltenders put on a spectacular show. The game closed in a 3-2 victory for South Dundas.

        The undefeated Atom B House team will host the South Grenville Rangers on Thursday, Nov. 15th at 6:00 p.m. at Morrisburg Arena. This is an exciting team to watch play the game . . . 

Panther's match Lion's ferocious attack . . .

Lion’s defenders close in an attempt to defend the goal mouth on a Kemptville Panther’s attack . . .


Thursday, Nov. 1st - South Dundas’ Atom B Lions are undefeated in their first six games of the 2018-19 campaign. They have allowed only four goals over the seven games to date, three of those scored last night at Morrisburg where the Lions faced a well matched Kemptville Panthers B-1 squad.

The Lions opened the scoring late in the first period when Chloe Casselman ripped a shot past Kole Wolenschlager and into the Panther’s net. Kia Morrow orchestrated the play, passed off to Chase Alger and Alger hit Cassleman’s waiting stick.

        Owen Anderson tied the game for the Panthers when he fired a screened shot from the point that slipped through net minder Rowan McCooeye’s skates and into the net. Wyatt Patterson assisted on the Kemptville goal.

        The two teams raced end to end in a full 15 minute back and forth, free wheeling game that excited the screaming fans to no end. As the game progressed so too did the fan support, and the speed of the players, with very few whistle stoppages over the fifteen minutes.

        Brady Nichol put the Panthers up with an unassisted goal well into the final period and the Panthers commanded a 2-1 lead. That was equalled by Jordan Elliott who stole the puck from a Kemptville defender, raced in and fired a wrist shot past Wollenschlager to tie the game.

        Joshua Repple put the Panthers ahead again on an unassisted conter with just two minutes remaining in the game when he beat the Lon’s defence and hammered the puck past McCooeye for ac 3-2 lead. The Lions answerred once again whgen Chase Alger slid Elliott a runaway pass and the hard-skating winger swooped across the goal mouth, waited until Wollschlager went down and slid the puck around his outstretched pads and into the net. Elliott tied the game with one minute remaining.

        Neither team was penalized in this contest. The Atom B House Lions play at Morrisburg Arena on Thursday, Nov. 15th at 6:00 p.m. when the South Grenville Rangers come to town.

Lions lead division, remain undefeated . . .

"Shove over, I'm goin' here . . .", Lion's Katie Casselman and Panther's Brody Snowdon jockey for position in the Lions - Panther's game on Saturday . . . 


Saturday, Oct. 27th - The top team shut out the cellar-dwellers on Saturday at Morrisburg Arena when the Atom B House Lions whipped the Kemptville Panthers Atom B-2 entry.  But make no mistake. This division in the Upper Canada Minor Hockey League is chock full of very fast, very skilled action, some fabulous goal tending and some heady scoring plays that just might give some of the ‘you know who’ teams a run for their money.

     The Lions and Panthers raced back and forth at dizzying speeds in the opening period of this game. Owen VanSanten and Owen Conlin, the Panthers and Lion’s net minders, both were called on time and again to turn away scoring chances. And they we sharp every time. As the current record stands, the Lions are in 1st-place, five games, four wins, one tie and one goal against. Conlin shares the team’s duties between the pipes with Rowan McCooeye, dressing the best one-two punch in the league to date.

        Second period action saw Jordan Elliott kick up his play a notch, using speed and a great shot to beat VanSanten on a Katie Casselman set-up for the 1-0 lead. Lion’s defenceman Jake Thompson spotted and fed Elliott five minutes later when the speedy winger was hitting the Panther’s blue line, and Elliott, after drawing the defence his way hit Brody Duncan’s stick with a perfect set up. Duncan was sure on the 2-0 goal. 

        Minutes later the Lions attacked the Panther’s zone again, this time with Mathieu Bazinet roaring into the slot after a loose puck. Backstop VanSanten was well surrounded by defensive help but allowing a hint of a rebound triggered Connor McCurdy’s scoring instinct and he jammed the puck home making it 3-0 for the Lions.

        The Panthers mounted a rally in the final period and the Lions were happy to wait for opportunities while working the defensive side of their game. Several times Conlin was forced to make great saves to retain his shut out. Late in the final period Elliott swept in on a pass from Chloe Casselman and beat VanSanten for the final conter of the game. It was his third point of the night.

        The Atom B Lions next home game will be at Morrisburg Arena on Thursday, Nov. 1st, at 6:00 p.m. when the Kemptville Atom B-1 Panthers  come to town.

Goaltending duo setting hot pace . . .

Monday, Oct. 22nd - The net minding duo of Rowan McCooeye and Owen Conlin backing the Atom B House Lions is setting a blistering pace in the early going of the 2018-19 hockey campaign. They have not only recorded three consecutive shut-outs, but have allowed a very stingy one goal against in their first four outings, that against the North Dundas Demons who they beat on both games of a home and home series.

        Kai Morrow (pictured right) scored the South Dundas Atom B Lion’s Player of the Game Award on Monday evening at Spencerville leading his team on a 4-0 rout of the home team South Grenville Rangers. Morrow assisted on the first and second goals in the game. Chase Alger got the Lions going with a marker when he beat Daniel Leeman in the Rangers net in the opening period for the game’s first marker. During the middle frame Nick Carruthers and Chloe Casselman beat Leeman to up the Lion’s lead by three counters. In the final period 'Smooth Hands' Alger came back to notch his second of the contest, this time from Joel Onstein, to set the shut-out victory at 4-0.

        South Dundas currently leads the league in the early going, a win up on Brockville, Kemptville and South Grenville.

        The Atom B Lions upcoming home game will be at Morrisburg Arena on Saturday, Oct. 27th at 1:30 p.m. when the Kemptville panthers come to the den.

Second consecutive shut-out for Atom B's . . .

Monday, Oct. 22nd - South Dundas’ Atom B Lions travelled to Westport on Sunday morning to meet the winless Leeds Chargers in a regular scheduled contest and came away with an Owen Conlin backed shutout victory on the day. The victory was the third of the season for the Lions, following their two consecutive, home and home 4-1 and 2-0 victories over the North Dundas Demons last week. In the 2-0 victory goaltender Rowan McCooeye posted the shut-out.

        The Chargers winless three-game run so far this season does not mean the Leeds team is a push-over. All of their contests have been close scores. The win on Sunday does suggest that our undefeated  Lions might be a bit of a force to be reckoned with before the season is over.

        Neither team scored in the opening period as Conlin defending the Lion’s cage and Cameron Cumpson between the Chargers pipes stole the show's opening act.

        Midway through the middle frame Jake Thompson raced down the ice, hit Jordan Elliott with a clean pass and Elliott unleashed a burner to beat Cumpson and give the Lions the lead. The Thompson/Elliott score was the highlight of the middle frame.

        The closing period saw the Lions push for an insurance marker while the Chargers attempted to get at least a tie in the game. In a swift give-and-go Jordan Elliott combined with Connor McCurdy who made good on the opportunity and gave the Lions a 2-0 lead and the eventual victory on the game.  It was the second goal of the young season for last season's Novice and this season's rookie scoring ace McCurdy. 

        On Monday, Oct. 22nd, the Lions travel to Spencerville to meet the South Grenville Rangers, and return to the den this coming Saturday, Oct. 27th at 1:30 p.m. when the Kemptville Panthers B-2 come to Morrisburg Arena for a 1:30 p.m. start.

Lions shut-out the Demons at Morrisburg . . .

Was it in????  No it was not! South Dundas' Atom B House Lions goaltender Rowan McCooeye gloved the puck before it crossed the line, according to game officials . . .


Thursday, Oct. 18th - Rowan McCooeye made several spectacular saves in the South Dundas Atom B House net on Thursday evening, leading his team to a 2-0 shut-out victory over the relentless North Dundas Demons. The visiting Demons sustained a 50 minute attack plan, and in spite of falling behind over that period, never once threw in the towel.

Jordan Elliott led the Lions in the opening period when he fore checked the puck away from a North Dundas player and broke in alone to beat Chase Culbert in the Demons net.

         The lone, first period goal stood for the remainder of the opening period, through the middle frame and for 15 minutes through the final period before Connor McCurdy’s fast hands around the net beat Culbert following a goal mouth scramble. McCurdy’s goal came with just four minutes remaining in the game.  Neither team was called on a penalty in this contest. 

The Atom B House team plays their next home game at Morrisburg Arena on Saturday, Oct. 27th at 1:30 p.m. when the Kemptville anthers come to South Dundas.

Atom B Lions match Demons in challenge . . .

Lions goaltender Owen Conlin,  Leah Beimond (left), Jordan Elliott and Jake Thompson(corner of net) turn away a Demons attack late in the game on Tuesday evening.
Lions goaltender Owen Conlin, Leah Beimond (left), Jordan Elliott and Jake Thompson(corner of net) turn away a Demons attack late in the game on Tuesday evening.

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd - South Dundas’ Atom B House Lions have all the makings for great competition for the 2018-19 season on display at Morrisburg Arena Tuesday night. Starting at the back end with a strong goaltending duo of Owen Conlin and Rowan McCooeye this team will be tough to crack. The squad boasts a strong defence and a number of sharpshooters on the forward lines.

        The Casselman twins, Katie and Chloe, who have added physical size over the off-season, as has Connor McCurdy and Jordan Elliott. Nick Carruthers and Jake Thompson add some punch and noted scorers from last season, Chase Alger and Mathieu Bazinet are always dangerous around the net. The team rounds out with the always hard working Joel Onstein and Brody Duncan.

        Hosting the North Dundas Demons in a pre-season game at Morrisburg Arena the Lions built momentum throughout the 50 minute challenge, and controlling the final eight minutes for a number of scoring attempts.  The Demons were up for it in this game, returning great scoring chances. 

        Each team came as close as the width of a goal-post more than once, but neither managed to beat the goalies, including Chase Culbert and Cooper Smith in the Demons net. The game ended in a scoreless tie.

        North Dundas served a pair of minor infractions in this one and the Lions outshot their opponents on a 19-15 count. Regular season schedules will be released on Thursday, Oct. 4th and posted at, while games and start times at Morrisburg Arena are posted at