Kemptville Panther's Jade Tussagat just missed the top corner on the Lion's Owen Villeneuve on Monday evening a Morrisburg Arena . . . check the Bantam Rep page for details . . .



for all of South Dundas Minor Hockey Teams

Are Welcome!!!


Managers, snap a photo of the scoresheet and email to

Please indicate goaltender playing in that game. Head shots of players with multiple goals in a game are welcome, as are goaltenders with a shut-out.


Your team will have their own page section, lots of photos over the season, and a record of their 2018 Year.

All of the action photos are downloadable FREE!!!


Finally, the North Dundas Demons Peewee B Rep team, comprised of players from b0th North Dundas and South Dundas, has won a game, their first of the 2018-19 season. See the photos and game report at  . . .