Thursday Night Special - Burger . . .

There's just something about good burgers at the beginning of summer and the grilling season. Something very basic, and very good.
The one pictured here is one of our favourites.
The meat is from Whitteker Meats of course. We believe the ONLY place to buy good ground beef and ground pork. We mix 60 per cent beef and 40 per cent pork with a bit of chopped onion and pork spice to form a five inch diameter by one inch thick disc of perfectly surface charred flavour, with a medium rare inside that drips juicy goodness at every bite.
The bun too is a favourite on this variety of burger. It is a whole wheat Kaiser, baked at Morrisburg's Valu-Mart, sliced across the middle and generously whipped with Hellman's mayonnaise and Heinz ketchup.
The greens are a mix of spinach and iceberg lettuce with a layer of Bick's Yum Yum's, then topped with very ripe tomato slices. Salt and pepper at this stage.
The cooked patty topped with St. Albert's Old cheddar rides on the tomatoes and the beautifully sweet, sautéed  Vidalia onions snuggle just under the top of the bun. - (real Vidalia onions are grown in a production area defined by law in Georgia and by the United States Code of Federal Regulations).
Placed several pickled beets on the side (Wanda Dawley's recipe for these is perfect!) and served with one glass of red wine.
Our Thursday Night Special!