Duncan's Conservative team ready . . .

Monday, July 15th - Election Day is 100 days away and the local Conservative campaign in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry continues to operate in full gear.  Incumbent Guy Lauzon has announced his retirement in the next federal election (scheduled for Monday, October 21st), the local Association has moved diligently to ensure a new candidate and campaign team are in place. 

        Eric Duncan, former Mayor of North Dundas, Warden of SD&G, and past Executive Assistant and Campaign Manager for Lauzon, was acclaimed as the candidate in February. Recently, Duncan announced his campaign leadership team with Lauzon’s current Chief of Staff Adrian Bugelli & South Glengarry Councillor Sam McDonell named Campaign Managers. Cornwall City Councillor Glen Grant will reprise his role as Campaign Chair, a role he has held for the past 7 local federal and provincial Conservative campaigns. Bugelli will take an unpaid leave of absence from Lauzon’s government office when the election officially begins, which is expected in September. 

        “Our team is putting 110% into this election because there is no incumbent on the ballot and we need to get out and be present in every community,” said Duncan. “We have been overwhelmed with the support we’ve received so far, and it’s very clear that people are looking for change in Ottawa this October. 

        A campaign headquarters has been secured in Cornwall at 691 Brookdale Avenue (International Business Park south of St. Hubert’s and the traffic circle) with regular hours to start later in the summer. Volunteer training sessions have begun and Duncan has been attending hundreds of local events and knocking on doors. 

        “Our donations, lawn sign requests and volunteer numbers are going very well. In fact, we may actually break some previous election records from past local campaigns at the rate we are progressing,” said Bugelli. 

Lauzon endorses Duncan's candidacy . . .

 Tuesday, Feb. 12th - The Conservative nomination process is underway in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, and current Conservative Member of Parliament Guy Lauzon and his wife Frances have endorsed Eric Duncan as the next Conservative candidate in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry. Lauzon provided the following statement on his endorsement: 

        “Having served our community for 15 years and being through 6 election campaigns, I know what it takes to be a Member of Parliament. Eric Duncan has what it takes to be successful and he has the full support of Frances and myself in his bid to become our next Member of Parliament. We thought long and hard about staying neutral in the Conservative nomination contest, but we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive reaction and support that Eric has received from every corner of our riding. He truly deserves it. Eric is smart, kind, compassionate, hardworking, and is exactly the type of candidate Andrew Scheer and our Conservative Party need for a bright future. Whether it has been as one of the youngest Councillors, Mayors, or Wardens in Canadian history, or as my lead staff member and campaign manager for 9 years, I know first-hand that Eric is experienced, energetic and ready on Day 1 to make a difference.” 

        Lauzon and Duncan have enjoyed a close working relationship and friendship as Duncan served as Lauzon’s Executive Assistant for 9 years and while Duncan was Mayor of North Dundas and Warden of SD&G. 

        Duncan responded to the endorsement: “It means a lot to have Guy and Frances’ support during the nomination process. They have been wonderful role models and mentors to look up to, and their public support brings even more momentum as we continue to work hard for every vote. I am humbled and overwhelmed by the positive support we’ve received in the riding.”