Vikings shutout Lions 7-0, game-ending brawl draws numerous suspensions . . .

This photo is a fair depiction of the officiating on Sunday at Morrisburg Arena when the Junior C Lions and the Papineauville Vikings settled a huge round of fisticuffs following an extremely chippy game. Suspensions were plentiful for the 1st-place Vikings and the 10th-place Lions . . . In the photo below an official was standing immediately to the right of the camera's site line, looking straight at the action pictured here. Apparently that isn't hooking or interference in the Junior C league . . . . neither was called . . .

Sunday, Dec. 10th - A  Junior C Hockey game turned into a free-for-all at the close of the third period on Sunday afternoon at Morrisburg Arena. The 1st-place Papineauville Vikings and the 10th-place Morrisburg Junior C Lions were assessed ten game-misconduct penalties and shared in a total of 39 penalties over the three periods.

       Sound ludicrous? The fans from both combatants corners felt the game was well out of control midway through the second period. And they were vocal.

       As the Vikings left the ice following the game the players were harassed by fans over the stairway leading to their dressing room. That following an extended round of fisticuffs after the final buzzer, resulting in the numerous suspensions.

       On Sunday afternoon the visiting Vikings held a 2-0 lead at the close of the first period. The team had served a single minor infraction in the opening 20-minutes and had killed off a Morrisburg power play. The Lions had served a pair of minor infractions and had killed two Papineauville power-plays. 

       Second period action was black to the white of the first frame. Eleven minor penalties were called. And one misconduct infraction. The Vikings added another pair of goals. 

       In third period action a seemingly blind eye was turned to the more aggressive play. The loud snap of stick against equipment made the game appear to be more of a gathering of swordsmen than a hockey match. Midway through the period there appeared to be more punches thrown than shots on net taken. Papineauville added a pair of counters in the opening three minutes and a single marker midway through the period. Lions goaltender Justin Lalonde, following six goals, was replaced by Dean Sauvreau who allowed a single in the third.

       Eighteen seconds were left in the game when Aaron Smith (Lions) and (Vikings) Michael Paradis exchanged fists. Paradis lost. And the Vikings couldn’t walk away. On the Lions side Thomas Ouderkirk, Jordan Smail and Brian Landry, and on the Vikings team Jacob Osborne, Pascal LeBlanc, Justin Labrosse, Danny Plourde-Grenon and goaltender Yannicl Gosselin all took part in fights of various intensities. We noted at least one black eye.

       Justin Labrosse scored a pair for the Vikings, with singles going to Pascal LeBlanc, Brad Faubert, Grenon, Jacob Osborne and Xavier Marengere. The Lions scoring portion of the game sheet was empty, due not so much to the team’s inability to put the puck in the net, but more so to the ability of Viking’s goaltender Gosselin who was steady throughout.

       The Lion’s travel to Quebec to meet those same Vikings on Sunday, Dec. 17th, at 3:30 p.m. Both teams will be missing a few players for that one. The Vikings are in first place for a number of reasons. They have scored the most ‘goals for’ and allowed the least ‘goals against’ for starters. They are 10-1 at home, 6-2 away and have won nine of their last 10 games. They are fast, slick passers and they carry a certain chippyness that is unfortunately suspect as displayed in their game ending actions on Sunday. 

       This coming Sunday will be an interesting game to say the least.

Lions blasted by North Dundas Rockets, mauled by Cougars at home . . .

Sunday afternoon's game against the Vankleek Hill Cougars was a battle around the Lions net . . .
Sunday afternoon's game against the Vankleek Hill Cougars was a battle around the Lions net . . .

Saturday, Dec. 4th - Junior C Lion’s goaltender Dean Gauvreau faced 58 shots on his net on Saturday night at Chesterville. His team lost the game against the 3rd-place North Dundas Rockets on a 7-4 goals count. And lost the shootout on a 58-25 count. That’s a busy night.

       The following day Sauvreau faced 37 shots playing against the Vankleek Hill Cougars. His team lost the second game in as many days on an 8-4 score. And the shots on net race 37-31. Two games, two losses, which leaves the local Lions tied with the Blackburn inferno for the last playoff spot. Morrisburg has a game in hand.

       On Sunday afternoon the Cougars took a 1-0 lead out of the opening period, then increased the lead to 5-1 after two periods. Each team scored three goals in the final frame.

       Brian Landry led the Lions with a pair of counters, his first short-handed early in the final period. Kirk Gauvreau and Jacob Kendrick each scored a single counter. Ryan Allen had five goals for the Cougars and added an assist on Riley Sauve’s counter for a 6-point game.

       A total of 18 penalties were called in the game, nine to each team. The Lions scored one short-handed goal and one powerplay goal while the Cougars had one powerplay, one short-handed and one empty net. Morrisburg pulled their goaltender late in the game, failed to score and allowed two goals against in the final minute and a half. 

       The Junior Lions next home game will be at Morrisburg Arena on Sunday, December 10th at 2:30 p.m. when the Papineau Vikings come to town. The Vikings are in second place in the league standings, at 14 wins over 17 games, tied in points with the Gatineau-Hull Volant and have two games in hand over the Volant.

Sunday, Dec. 5th - The North Dundas Rockets third period blastoff beat the Morrisburg Lions on Friday night at Chesterville. The 3rd-place Rockets, who are just four points out of 1st-place, were forced to dig deep against their opponents. Morrisburg had led 2-1 after the first period and 3-1 during the second frame.

       Connos Roth’s goal with two minutes remainng in the middle period ignited the Rockets who fired three goals in the final three minutes of the stanza. The Rockets then outscored their visitors 3-1 in the final 20 minutes.

       The Lions had the opportunities in this one as the home team Rockets served seven minor penalties. Morrisburg scored a single powerplay marker, the opening goal of the game when Tyson Shearer was off for roughing.

       Jordan Smail scored the Lions powerplay goal while Tomas Ouderkirk added a single and Bailey Norman scored in each of the second and third periods. The Rockets Captain, Bryden VanKessel, had a 5-point game without a goal, notching five assists over the 60 minutes. Tom Fingles led North Dundas with a pair while singles went to Shayne Lynott, Roth, Tysen Sherrer, Shawn Simms and Justin Lefebuse.

Lions tie Bandits, move to 9th place . . .

Goaltender Dean Gauvreau gets a little help from fellow Junior Lions members on Sunday afternoon at Morrisburg Arena. The local Juniors tied the 3rd place Cumberland Bandits in a wildly exciting game . . .
Goaltender Dean Gauvreau gets a little help from fellow Junior Lions members on Sunday afternoon at Morrisburg Arena. The local Juniors tied the 3rd place Cumberland Bandits in a wildly exciting game . . .

Sunday, Nov. 26th - It may be the first time the current edition of the Morrisburg Junior C Lions have scored points in two consecutive games. It may also be the first time the South Dundas based team is showing signs of hard work, team play and determination in their approach to the game.

     On Saturday evening the Lions moved into 10th place in the National Capital Junior Hockey League standings when they scored in the final period to post a victory over the Blackburn Inferno on a 5-4 count. The game was fast paced throughout and proved more entertaining than watching the Leafs or Senators on this particular night.

This puck did not go into the Lions net. Goaltender Gauvreau appears to be challenging the Bandits, playing with his glove hand behind his back . . .
This puck did not go into the Lions net. Goaltender Gauvreau appears to be challenging the Bandits, playing with his glove hand behind his back . . .

     On Sunday afternoon back in the Lions den the locals turned more than a few heads when they tied the 3rd-place Cumberland Bandits on a 1-1 score and moved into 9th-place in league standings. Of particular note in these two games is that Morrisburg outshot their opponents (39-32 in the Sunday game) and drew fewer penalties in each contest. Dean Gauvreau played the full game between the pipes for the Lions while Miguel D’Aoust stood tall for the Bandits.

     Scoring on Sunday against the Bandits saw a single marker five minutes into the game and a tying goal midway through the final period. Between those two times the fast skating and hard hitting action provided much more in the way of entertainment than did the Grey Cup game. 

     Andrew Oliveira opened the game scoring at Morrisburg when he snapped a shot that beat Gauvreau cleanly from in close, five minutes into the game. Tyler Fernandez and Nicholas Bernard each drew an assist on the play.

     The Lions had two power play opportunities in this period but couldn’t penetrate a very tough Bandits penalty kill.

     Second period action was fast with goaltending highlighting the action. The Lions Gauvreau was bombarded in this period facing 16 shots, all of which he turned away. The Lions managed eight shots at D’Aoust who also registered the period as a shutout.

     In the final frame the Lions Kirk Gauvreau corralled a Brandon  Cameron pass and beat D’Aoust to tie the game. Gauvreau had just returned to the ice from the penalty bench where he’d been sitting out a minor infraction. Neither team managed to break the tie in the final 12 minutes of action.

     The Lions next home game at Morrisburg Arena will be on Sunday, Dec. 3rd at 2:30 p.m. when the 5th-place Vankleek Hill Cougars come to town. Should be a very good game . . .