South Dundas, our Canadian Champion!!!

South Dundas' Morgan Hummel, Canadian Champion U16 Rugby . . .
South Dundas' Morgan Hummel, Canadian Champion U16 Rugby . . .

     “It was like wining an NHL trophy,” Morgan Hummel told us shortly after arriving home in South Dundas, a newly crowned U16 Canadian National Women’s Rugby Champion. The life-long hockey player recently turned one of Canada’s top Rugby players told us, “The gold medals are so beautiful and the trophy was really big and really heavy and some of the girls were picking it up and pretending to drink out of it.”

     “I think we get to bring it home,” she is near ecstatic, adding, “Just like they do in the NHL!” 

Morgan Hummel is a beautiful, very bright and well spoken, self assured young lady. And she wears it all right over her heart. She absolutely loves sports! Most probably all of them are her favourite. And she is over the moon in regard to her recent commitment in making the Ontario provincial representative Rugby team, then travelling to Calgary to win the Canadian Championship tournament.

     Fifteen-year-old Morgan, all five feet eight inches and 145 pounds of her, plays “lock” on the team. Her position is in supporting the three players in the scrum, providing strength and power in pushing their “hooker” into position for the best opportunity to secure the ball.

     “We were playing in our first game as a team when we lost to British Columbia in the opener at Calgary,” she admits, “and then right after that we win all the other games we’re right in the playoffs against the same team!” Her tone rises excitedly and as the story unfolds she speaks faster and faster. 

     “We were so nervous and then the semi-final game against Alberta is tied at the final buzzer and we had to go into sudden death overtime.” She tells us the sudden death aspect is the most exciting because “It makes everyone really get into it and give their best as a team.” And her team did just that, won the contest and moved on to the final last Sunday afternoon against British Columbia.

     “The championship game was close too,” Morgan said of the 22-17 victory over BC, Canada’s most western province. 

     “After the game some of the players showed some tears, everyone was really tired because they had given everything to the game, and it just got more and more emotional and everybody was crying when they gave us the medals.” There’s a thing about tears in public, maybe . . .

     Teams attending the tournament were invited to visit Banff the day before the elimination round started. A hike in the national park and a gondola ride for someone who had never been to Western Canada was “so beautiful!”

     “Some of the girls went into Lake Louise for a swim but I could only get up to my ankles,” Hummel says, “It was really really cold.” Lake Louise is glacier fed, and considered “freezing” even in the warmest summer weather. 

     “When we were on the gondola we could see the herds of elk feeding and that was so beautiful too.” She can’t tell us enough, fast enough.

     Morgan Hummel told us that after speaking with Amber Purin (Head Coach of Ontario’s U16 Rugby team) that she will be going out to play hockey for the Cornwall Typhoons again this season and then rejoining her Rugby team in the spring. 

     “I had to catch a plane in Calgary at midnight and got to Toronto at 6:00 a.m.,” Morgan says, adding, “Then I had to wait until 9:00 a.m. to get a flight to Ottawa.”

We enquire if she was beat after the games and the lengthy distance there and then the return home.

     “Not really, I was just thinking I had to get home in time for hockey practice.”

     Our sincere congratulations go out to Morgan Hummel. She is a grand example of commitment and self-assuredness. And she is too a gold medal decorated Canadian National Champion. And that says one of our very best, ever!